Bronstien Guides is a blog aimed at providing reliable information about; Banking and Finance, Technology, Entrepreneurship. Money transfer and also some guides on health issues.

The aim of this blog is to ensure that every visitor who visit this site should have all the information he/she is looking for at a satisfaction rate of at least 80%.

We also aim at reducing poverty to its minimal by encouraging entrepreneurship. This blog will be provide strategies that can help entrepreneurs grow up this business.

Bronstien Guides provides information under banking and finance like; different types of savings accounts, how to transfer money from one place to another , what are your rights and duties in a bankers contract and others.

Bronstien Guides has the following objectives:

  • The first objective is to receive at least one thousand viewers daily from platforms like Pinterest, WhatsApp, Qoura, Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and many other by the before the end of 2023.
  • To provide good and unique content to all its visitor and also guiding them secure online money transfers
  • To continuously carry out research and upload any new information concerning an advancement in technology.
  • To promote self-independent through entrepreneurship by providing basic guides to a successful business. 

All information we provide on the site is obtained from thorough research and personal experience.