Does Zelle Work With PayPal And Venmo? [All You Need]

Does zelle work with paypal and venmo?

Online money transactions are increasing rapidly due to the advancement in digital technology, which has led to the development of different types of money transfer apps.

Also, due to the Corona Virus pandemic is 2019, which cause a lockdown of so many businesses, these businesses were force to operate online, leading to the creation of these applications.

One need to be very careful when making a choice of transferring or receiving money online. So asking the question if Zelle works with PayPal is important.

Zelle is not an online bank but it forms an interconnection between two bank accounts to facilitate money transfer from one account to the other at a zero charge fees.

PayPal and Venmo are an online bank account. This means that someone can send you money to your PayPal account and the money will be inside your PayPal balance. You can decide to later withdraw the money using a linked credit or debit card or transfer it to a bank account.

In this article, you will find out if Zelle can work with PayPal and Venmo, How you can use Zelle to make a transfer, which banks work with Zelle, and if Zelle can be used for international payments.

What Is Zelle?

Zelle is a simple way to transfer money between any U.S. bank account in minutes. You may quickly, safely, and conveniently transfer and receive money with more people you know and trust, regardless of where they bank, with just an email address or a U.S. mobile phone number.

Zelle is an application that is meant to be used by trustworthy persons to transfer money. Although not a bank account, it enables you to transfer money to different bank accounts at just no cost.

Does Zelle Work With PayPal?

No, Zelle does not work with PayPal since these two apps do not intergrade. Zelle is a peer-to-peer network which is created to facilitate the transfer of money between two bank accounts while PayPal is an online bank with a wallet for storage.

You can transfer money directly from PayPal to a bank account but with Zelle, you need to linked a bank account where you with initiate the transfer.

To sum it all, the Zelle app works best for those having traditional bank accounts in a participating financial institution. You can use the Zelle app if you have a U.S phone number and an Email address. It is easy, faster and free to use, not like PayPal whereby you are being charge for transactions.

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Can I Use Zelle To Send Money To PayPal?

No, you can not use Zelle to directly send money to PayPal. This is because Zelle and PayPal do not have any direct integration. This makes a transfer between them difficult.

However, there are still workaround ( indirect) ways to send money to  PayPal using Zelle.

Some of which includes;

  • Using a Bank account
  • Using a Third Party

Using a Bank Account

This is the most effect way to send moey to PayPal using Zelle. If you have a bank account that is link to Zelle and another bank account that is linked to PayPal, you can use Zelle to transfer money from one account to the other.

You can transfer money from the bank account linked to Zelle into the one linked to PayPal, since PayPal support the linking of a bank account to it, and then directly transfer the money from that bank account to PayPal.

To link a bank account to Zelle, download the Zelle app on Google play store or Apple store or go to the banking website of your bank and alongside your Email address and United State phone number, Sign In to the app and follow instructions.

You can either request or transfer money through Zelle to a bank account. Not all U.S banks accepts Zelle. 

Using A Third Party

In case you do not have a bank account that is linked to PayPal but have one that is linked to Zelle, you have a PayPal linked bank account in a bank that does not accepts Zelle, but you really want to use Zelle in making a transfer.

Use Zelle to send the moeny into a friend's bank account  and then asked the trustworthy friend to send the money into your PayPal account. This can be possible if you send him a PayPal user name.

You can also withdraw money from one account and deposits in another account. It is important to note that there may be fees associated with transferring money from Zelle bank account to PayPal, and the transfer times may be different. 

It is also important to be aware of the risks associated with using third-party money transfer services. If you are unsure of how to transfer money between Zelle and PayPal, it is best to contact customer support for assistance.

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Which Banks Accept Zelle?

As of  2023 statistics, Zelle is accepted by over 1,500 financial institutions across the united state. Some of the main  financial institutions are:

  • Capital One
  • Chase bank
  • Bank of America
  • Citibank
  • Walls Fargo
  • Truist Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • U.S. Bank
  • Fifty Thrid bank

On the Zelle website, you may find an extensive list of banks and credit unions that accept Zelle. To use Zelle, you must have a bank or credit union account that is registered with Zelle. 

You can sign up for Zelle using your bank's or credit union's website or mobile app. Once you've signed up with Zelle, you can use your email address or phone number to send and receive money from other Zelle members. 

Transactions are normally executed within minutes, and there are no fees connected with using Zelle to send or receive money.Zelle is a simple and secure method of sending money to friends and relatives. It is a popular choice for those who need to transmit money fast and easily.

Can  Zelle Send Money To Venmo?

No, Zelle can not make a direct transfer to Venmo. This means that you can not directly transfer money through Zelle to your Venmo account. 

Zelle is a P2P network which permits its users to directly transfer money between two bank accounts at just no cost. Venmo is an online P2P payment service owned by  PayPal. Though Venmo is also P2P payment service like Zelle, it function more as a digital wallet.

Venmo users can directly transfer their money from their bank account to into a Venmo Wallet. Money in a Venmo wallet can be transfer to other venmo users, make online payments or withdrawn at ATM.

As seen earlier, there is no direct transfer through Zelle to Venmo. But don't worry because we have a workaround for you.

You can use Zelle to initiate a transfer to Venmo by using:

  • You can send money using Zelle into a bank that is linked to Venmo, just like in the case of PayPal above and then the recipient transfer the money into their Venmo account from that bank account. This is possible if you have the bank account details of the recipient or the routing and account number of the receiving account.
  • Using a third-party-service, such as a trusted friend to make a transfer to an account that is not enrolled with Zelle banking service.
The method you choose will depend on the individual's needs and preferences. 

Can Zelle be Use Internationally?

No, Zelle is not meant for international transfers. Zelle is a payment service that is use to make payments across the United States to trusted individuals. It uses a U.S phone number, your email address and a U.S bank account to function.

However, is you want to make an international transfer, you can use Western Union, Wise, PayPal Taptap send or Bitsika transfer services.

Points To Note With International Payments

Here are some important points to take not of before making international transfers: 

  1. Examine the costs charged by various money transfer providers.
  2. Read customer service evaluations for various services to get a sense of how they treat their customers.
  3. Consider the exchange rate provided by the provider.
  4. Ascertain if the beneficiary has a bank account in the nation in which they reside.
  5. Provide all relevant information to the recipient, such as their full name, bank account number, and routing number.

Final Thought

Zelle is a P2P service which enables the transfer of money between two bank accounts in the U.S.A. However, you can not directly transfer money using Zelle to either PayPal or Venmo.

There are workaround ways to make a transfer either by using a third party or using a linked bank account.