How To Exchange Items On SHEIN : A Step-By-Step Guide

how to exchange items on shein

SHEIN doesn't actually offer a direct exchange policy where you send back one item and receive another in its place. However, there is a workaround that achieves a similar outcome.

Shein return policy allows you to send back undesirable items, in their original packaging, in an unused, unwashed, undamaged, and with the return label attached.

Note that, you cannot directly exchange items on SHEIN when your order is not yet shipped. SHEIN's exchange policy only applies to items that have already been received and are within the return window (30 days for most items, 45 days in Canada and Europe).

However, if you haven't received a shipping confirmation email yet, you might be able to cancel the order. By going to "My Orders" and find the order with the unwanted item(s). Click "Cancel Item" and choose the reason for cancellation. Remember, cancellation is not always guaranteed, especially if the order is already processing.

In many cases, if your item is already in the processing stage, you can just wait for it arrival and then initiate a return on the shein website or mobile app.

In this article, we will be guiding you on how to exchange items on shein.

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How To Exchange Items On SHEIN

Exchanging items on SHEIN involves a few straightforward steps to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Here is a step by step guide on how to exchange items on SHEIN:

Steps to Exchange Items on SHEIN:

1. Contact Customer Service:

Reach out to SHEIN's customer service through their website, mobile app, or contact information provided to inform them of your intention to exchange an item. Specify the reason for the exchange and the new item you wish to receive.

2. Review Exchange Policy:

Review SHEIN's exchange policy to understand any eligibility criteria, time limits, and conditions for item exchanges. This information can typically be found on their website or included in your order documentation.

3. Prepare the Item for Exchange:

Ensure that the item you wish to exchange is in its original condition, with all tags attached and packaging intact. The item should be unworn and unused to qualify for an exchange.

4. Receive Exchange Instructions:

SHEIN's customer service will provide you with instructions on how to proceed with the item exchange. This may involve specific steps for returning the original item and receiving the new item.

5. Send the Original Item Back:

Follow the provided instructions to return the original item to SHEIN. This often involves using a return label provided by SHEIN and sending the item back through a designated shipping method.

6. Receive the New Item:

Once the original item is received and processed by SHEIN, they will ship out the new item as per your exchange request.

7. Monitor Exchange Status:

It's a good practice to monitor the status of your exchange through your SHEIN account or by contacting customer service for updates on the progress of the exchange.

Ensure that you adhere to SHEIN's exchange policy and any specific instructions provided to facilitate a successful exchange process.

Also keep all communications and documentation related to the exchange for reference in case of any issues or inquiries.

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How To Exchange Size On SHEIN

SHEIN doesn't offer a direct exchange service where you send back one item and receive another in a different size. However, there's a two-step workaround you can utilize to achieve a similar outcome:

1. Initiate a return for the item with the wrong size:

  • Go to "My Orders" on the SHEIN app or website.
  • Select the order containing the item, click "Return Item".
  • Choose the item and reason for return.
  • Select your return method, and pack the item securely with the provided return label. Remember, the return window is 30 days for most items (45 days in Canada and Europe).

2. Place a new order for the same item in the desired size:

  • While waiting for your return to be processed, browse SHEIN and find the same item again.
  • Choose the correct size based on size charts, reviews, or personal measurements.
  • Add it to your cart, proceed to checkout, and apply any SHEIN points or discounts you have.
  • Complete your purchase using the refund from your returned item or another payment method.

Remember that:

  1. Return shipping is free only on your first return per order. Subsequent returns might incur fees.
  2. Double-check the return policy for specific exclusions depending on your region and item category.
  3. Keep your return tracking information for reference.
  4. Consider using SHEIN's size chart and review section to help you choose the correct size for your new order.
  5. If you're unsure about the size, it might be safer to order one size up and return the larger one if needed.
  6. SHEIN occasionally runs promotions offering free return shipping on all orders or specific categories. Look out for these deals if you plan to make multiple returns.

Can I Add To My SHEIN Order After Payment?

No, you cannot add items to your SHEIN order after you have paid. Once an order has been placed and payment has been processed on SHEIN, it is generally not possible to add additional items to that same order. 

After completing payment, the order is typically processed promptly to prepare for shipment. However, there are a few alternative options you can consider if you wish to add items after payment:

Option 1: Place a New Order:

If you would like to purchase additional items, you can place a new order on SHEIN for the items you wish to add. This allows you to secure the new items separately and have them processed and shipped accordingly.

Option 2: Contact Customer Service:

You can reach out to SHEIN's customer service promptly after placing your original order and inquire about the possibility of modifying or adding items to your existing order. While it may not always be feasible, customer service may be able to assist in certain cases.

Option 3: Consider Canceling and Reordering:

Depending on the status of your original order, you may have the option to cancel the order if it has not been processed for shipment. Following cancellation, you can reorder all items, including the additional ones you wish to add.

Essential Points

  • Acting quickly and communicating promptly with SHEIN's customer service are essential if you wish to explore any modifications or additions to your original order after payment.
  • While adding items to an order after payment is generally not guaranteed, assessing the available options and seeking assistance from customer service can help address specific circumstances or requests.

Can I Edit My SHEIN Order

Once an order is placed on SHEIN, the ability to edit the order is typically limited once payment has been processed. However, depending on the status of the order and the specific details of the request, there may be some options available for order edits. Here are some general guidelines to consider:

Steps to Edit an Order on SHEIN:

1. Contact Customer Service Immediately:

Reach out to SHEIN's customer service promptly after placing your order to inquire about the possibility of editing the order. This may include adding or removing items, updating shipping information, or adjusting sizes or colors.

2. Provide Order Details:

Have your order number and relevant details ready when contacting customer service. Clear communication about the specific changes you wish to make can help facilitate the editing process.

3. Review Order Status:

If the order has already been processed for shipment, there may be limited options for editing the order. However, customer service may be able to provide guidance based on the order status.

4. Consider Canceling and Reordering:

Depending on the circumstances, canceling the original order and placing a new order with the desired corrections may be an alternative solution. This allows you to secure the desired items with the correct details.

5. Follow Customer Service Instructions:

Customer service will provide guidance on the available options for editing the order based on the order status and specific request.

Remember that:

  • Acting promptly and contacting customer service as soon as possible is crucial for exploring the possibility of editing an order on SHEIN.
  • While editing an order may not always be feasible, customer service assistance and clear communication can help address specific changes or corrections.

SHEIN Cancelled My Order

If SHEIN has canceled your order, it's important to understand the reasons for the cancellation and what steps you can take next.

Common Reasons For SHEIN Order Cancellations:

  1. Payment issues: The most frequent reason is payment problems. This could be an expired card, insufficient funds, invalid security code, or payment declined by your bank.
  2. Out-of-stock items: Sometimes, items in your order might go out of stock after you place it, leading to cancellation.
  3. Shipping restrictions: Certain items might have limitations for shipping to your specific location.
  4. Order irregularities: If SHEIN detects suspicious activity with your order, they might cancel it for security reasons.
  5. System errors: While uncommon, technical issues on SHEIN's end could lead to accidental cancellations.

What To Do:

  1. Check your email: SHEIN usually sends an email notification whenever an order is cancelled, which might provide details about the reason.
  2. Contact SHEIN customer service: This is the best way to get specific information about your cancellation. Explain the situation and request details about the reason.
  3. Review your payment information: If you suspect a payment issue, double-check your card details and ensure they are accurate and have sufficient funds.
  4. Consider reordering: If the cancellation wasn't related to an item being out of stock or a permanent restriction, you can try reordering the items.

Ensure to follow SHEIN policies to avoid any sort of cancellation or delays.

Final Thought On How To Exchange Items On SHEIN

By following these steps and guidelines you just read above, you can navigate the item exchange process on SHEIN efficiently and ensure a positive outcome for your exchange request.

If you encounter any challenges or have specific questions during the exchange process, do not hesitate to reach out to SHEIN's customer service for further assistance and clarification.

Once an order has been placed and payment has been processed on SHEIN, it is generally not possible to add additional items to that same order.

After completing payment, the order is typically processed promptly to prepare for shipment.

Always reach out to shein customer service for any worries concerning your shipments.