Trade Gift Cards Online Instantly: A Step-By-Step Guide

trade gift cards online instantly

A gift card, also known as a gift certificate, gift voucher, or gift token, is a prepaid stored-value card that functions like a type of payment method.

Gift cards can be physical cards or digital versions (eGift cards). They are loaded with a specific amount of money and use to make purchases at specific stores (closed-loop) or a wider variety of locations (open-loop).

Trading gift card online instantly is a process where you sell unused or unwanted gift cards to online platforms for a discounted price, receiving payment instantly (usually through bank transfer, PayPal, etc.). This allows you to quickly convert unused value into something useful.

Trading gift cards online instantly can be a convenient way to turn unwanted cards into cash or credit. Platforms like Raise, CardCash and GiftCash, offer competitive rates and multiple payout methods.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to trade gift cards online instantly:

Trade Gift Cards Online Instantly

Trading gift cards online instantly can be a convenient way to turn unwanted cards into cash. Here's a detailed guide to trading them online:

1. Choose a Reputable Platform:

This is a crucial step. Research and compare platforms based on:

  • Reviews and ratings: Look for platforms with a good track record and user satisfaction.
  • Supported cards: Ensure they accept your specific card type and brand.
  • Offered rates: Compare prices across platforms to get the best value.
  • Fees: Understand any processing or withdrawal fees involved.
  • Payment options: Choose a platform with convenient cash-out methods.
  • Popular options include CardCash, Raise, GiftCash, and ClipKard. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, so research thoroughly.

2. Prepare Your Gift Card Information:

Gather details about the card like:

  • Card brand and issuer (e.g., Visa, Amazon, Shein, Walmart).
  • Card number and security code.
  • Remaining balance.
  • Any relevant pictures or scans (if required).

3. Initiate the Trade on the Chosen Platform:

  • Follow the platform's instructions, usually involving entering your card details and choosing a payout method.
  • Some platforms might require uploading pictures of the card.
  • Review the offered rate and any fees before accepting.

4. Verify and Complete the Trade:

  • The platform will verify your card information and may require additional steps for security.
  • Once approved, the platform sends you the agreed-upon amount through your chosen method (e.g., bank transfer, PayPal).
  • Processing time varies depending on the platform and chosen payout method.

Important Tips:

  1. Don't expect full value: You'll typically receive 70% to 90% of the original card value.
  2. Beware of scams: Stick to reputable platforms and never share unnecessary personal information.
  3. Compare fees: Consider all fees involved (processing, withdrawal) when comparing rates.
  4. Read the terms and conditions: Understand the process, potential risks, and limitations before trading.
  5. Only trade cards you won't use: Don't sell essential gift cards you might need later.

Legit Site To Sell Gift Cards

Choosing a legit site to sell your gift cards is crucial to avoid scams and get the best possible value. Here are some reputable options to consider:

1. CardCash:

Pros: Competitive rates, multiple payout options (check, ACH, PayPal), user-friendly interface, good customer service.

Cons: May not offer the highest rates for all cards, minimum card value of $25 (except for specific brands).

2. Raise:

Pros: Wide range of supported cards, instant quotes, mobile app available, good customer service.

Cons: Fees can be higher than other platforms, payout options limited to bank transfer or Raise credit.

3. GiftCash:

Pros: Competitive rates, accepts both physical and digital cards, option to trade for other gift cards or cryptocurrency.

Cons: Minimum card value of $25 (except for specific brands), limited payout options (bank transfer, ACH, or Bitcoin).

4. ClipKard:

Pros: Fast and secure transactions, user-friendly platform, good customer service.

Cons: Limited selection of supported cards, lower rates than some other platforms, minimum card value of $10.

5. Gameflip:

Pros: Accepts a wider variety of gift cards beyond just retail stores, good platform for gamers looking to sell game codes.

Cons: Fees can be higher than other platforms, peer-to-peer transactions can be risky, not ideal for selling traditional gift cards.

Types Of Gift Cards

There are several types of gift card:

  • Closed-loop gift card: Valid only at a specific retailer or group of related businesses. Ex: Starbucks, Amazon.
  • Open-loop gift card: Accepted at any location that accepts the card brand (e.g., Visa, Mastercard). Ex: Visa gift card.
  • Reloadable gift cards: Can be topped up with additional funds after the initial amount is spent.
  • Non-reloadable gift card: Cannot be loaded with more money after the initial value is used.

Gift cards are convenient gift option when unsure of the recipient's exact preference. You can also create your own gift card and sell online

How To Create A Gift Card

The way you create a gift card depends on whether you want to make a physical or digital one, and whether it's for personal use or for your own business. Here are some options:

How to Create A Gift Card for Personal Use:

1. Physical Gift Card:

Handmade: Design and decorate a card yourself, write the value and recipient name, and add a personal touch.

Printable Template: Use online platforms like Canva or Visme to design a custom template, print it on cardstock, and fill in the details.

Store Gift Card: Purchase a blank gift card from a store like Staples or Walmart, write the value and recipient name, and decorate if desired.

2. Digital Gift Card:

Email Gift Card: Create a text document or design with the gift card information (value, recipient name, code/link) and email it to the recipient.

Online Gift Card Generator: Use websites like GiftTag or Punchbowl to create and send a digital gift card with various designs and customization options.

How to Create A Gift Card for Business Use:

1. Physical Gift Card:

Printing Service: Partner with a printing service specializing in gift cards to design, print, and personalize cards with your branding.

Gift Card Software: Use software like Giftfly or Tango Card to manage and issue gift cards online, offering various features like tracking and redemption.

2. Digital Gift Card:

E-commerce Platform: If you have an online store, integrate a gift card feature directly into your platform for easy purchase and redemption.

Gift Card Issuer: Partner with a gift card issuer like Blackhawk Network or InComm to offer branded digital gift cards redeemable at multiple retailers.

Important Note:

  • Security: For business use, ensure your chosen method offers security features like encryption and fraud protection.
  • Legality: Depending on your location, there might be regulations regarding gift card issuance and redemption. Check with local authorities for any legal requirements.

Gift Card Exchange Online

There are several ways to exchange gift cards online, depending on your goal:

1. Sell your gift card for cash:

Platforms like CardCash, Raise, and GiftCardZen: These websites let you sell unwanted gift cards for a percentage of their original value. The payout percentage varies depending on the merchant and current demand.

Peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay or Craigslist: You can list your gift card and negotiate a price with potential buyers. Be cautious of scams and ensure secure payment methods.

2. Exchange your gift card for another gift card:

Gift card exchange platforms: Some platforms, like Cardpool and GiftCard Granny, allow you to exchange your gift card for another merchant's gift card at a discounted rate. You might get slightly less value, but you can choose a card you will actually use.

Retailer-specific programs: Some retailers offer their own exchange programs where you can swap an unwanted gift card for another from the same store.

3. Donate your gift card to charity:

Organizations like CharityChoice and Give a Gift Card: These platforms allow you to donate the value of your gift card to a chosen charity. It's a great way to use a card you don't want while supporting a good cause.

Use reputable platforms with secure payment methods to avoid scams.

Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

A gift card exchange kiosk is a self-service machine that allows you to convert unwanted gift cards into cash or other gift cards. They are typically found in high-traffic retail locations like Grocery stores, Banks, Department stores, supermarkets, Malls, Airports and Pharmacies.

How Gift Card Exchange Kiosk work:

  1. Find a kiosk: Look for a machine that resembles an ATM or photo booth, often branded with companies like Coinstar or GiftCard Genie.
  2. Insert your gift card: The kiosk will have a designated slot for inserting your gift card. Make sure the card is clean and undamaged.
  3. Review the offer: The kiosk will scan your card and display an offer for its current value. This value is typically a percentage lower than the card's original balance, often ranging from 60% to 85%.
  4. Accept or decline: You can choose to accept the offer and proceed with the exchange, or decline and keep your gift card.
  5. Get your payout: If you accept the offer, you will receive your payout depending on the kiosk's options. 

It could be:

  • Cash voucher: This voucher can be redeemed at the store's cashier for cash.
  • Direct cash deposit: Some kiosks may offer direct cash deposits to your bank account.
  • Gift card of another retailer: You can choose a gift card from a different store offered by the kiosk.

Some example of gift card exchange kiosk are: Coinstar Exchange Kiosk, GiftCard Genie Kiosk, CardCash Kiosk, NCR SelfServ Checkout with Gift Card Exchange, Walmart gift card exchange kiosk, Target gift card exchange kiosk.

Target Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Target gift card exchange kiosks, also known as Cardpool kiosks, provide a convenient way for customers to exchange their unwanted gift cards for a Target eGift card. This service allows individuals to turn their unused or partially used gift cards from various retailers into Target credit that can be used for purchases at Target stores or online.

Here is a general overview of how the Target gift card exchange kiosk process works:

How Target Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Works:

1. Check Eligibility:

Visit a participating Target store that has a Cardpool kiosk for gift card exchanges. Not all Target stores may have these kiosks, so it's advisable to use the store locator on Target's website to find a participating store near you in advance.

2. Bring Your Gift Cards:

Bring your physical gift cards from other retailers that you wish to exchange. These can include gift cards with a remaining balance or even partially used cards.

3. Use the Kiosk:

Locate the Cardpool kiosk within the Target store. The kiosk will guide you through the gift card exchange process.

4. Scan Your Gift Card:

Follow the instructions on the kiosk screen to scan the barcodes of your gift cards. This step helps identify the retailer and the amount on the card.

5. Receive an Offer:

The kiosk will provide you with an offer in the form of a Target eGift card value based on the combined total of your exchanged gift cards.

6. Accept the Offer:

If you accept the offer, the kiosk will generate a Target eGift card for the agreed-upon amount.

7. Redeem Your Target eGift Card:

You can then use the Target eGift card for purchases at Target stores or on the Target website.

Key Points:

  • The exchange value of your gift cards may vary based on factors such as the retailer, the remaining balance on the cards, and the demand for certain gift cards.
  • It's important to review the terms and conditions of the Cardpool kiosk exchange service to understand any fees or restrictions associated with the process.

Final Thought On " Trading Gift Cards Online Instantly"

Trading online can be a convenient way to unlock value from unwanted gift cards, platforms like CardCash. GiftCash, Raise and also gift card exchange kiosk help you do this.

Compare platforms, fees, and security measures before choosing one. And also Remember, you likely won't receive the full face value of your card.

Trading gift cards online instantly comes with both advantages and disadvantages, so the final decision depends on your priorities and specific situation.