How To Get Your Business On Amex Offers: A Step By Step Guide

how to get your business on amex offers

Imagine a surge of excited American Express cardholders flooding your doors, eager to spend and redeem exclusive deals. Sound like a dream? It's not!  Amex Offers is a powerful tool waiting to be tapped, but how do you get your business on board? Let's crack the code and unlock this potential goldmine for your company.

Amex Offers are essentially special bonus rewards offered by American Express to their cardmembers. These rewards incentivize cardmembers to spend money at specific merchants or within certain categories.

They come in a few flavors, like statement credits (money back on your bill), bonus Membership Rewards points (Amex's rewards program currency), or even points with specific travel partners like Delta SkyMiles.

Cardmembers need to "enroll" in the offers they want to use through the Amex website or app. Then, when they make a qualifying purchase at the specified merchant or within the category, they will earn the bonus reward.

Getting your business on Amex Offers can be a huge win. It exposes you to a targeted audience of high-spending Amex cardmembers, potentially driving new customers and boosting sales.

Here is how to get your business on Amex offers:

How To Get Your Business On Amex Offers:

Getting your business featured on Amex Offers can be a great way to attract American Express cardholders and drive sales. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Eligibility Check:

Make sure your business meets the requirements set by American Express to participate in the Amex Offers program. This may include factors like industry type, location, and size (likely small to medium businesses).

To check for your business eligibility, visit the American Express website or contact their business development team to understand the specific criteria and requirements for businesses to be featured on Amex Offers.

Also, look for any published eligibility guidelines or information on the American Express website that outline the type of businesses that can participate in the program. This can give you insights into whether your business aligns with their requirements.

2. Establish a Relationship:

Reach out to American Express to express your interest in being featured on Amex Offers. You can contact them through their business development or partnerships team to start the conversation.

3. Offer Proposal:

Present a compelling offer that adds value to American Express cardholders and aligns with your business goals. This could be a discount, cashback, bonus points, or other perks for cardholders who make purchases at your establishment.

4. Contract Negotiation:

If American Express is interested in featuring your business, you will go through contract negotiations to finalize terms and conditions, including the offer details, duration of the promotion, and any specific requirements.

5. Promotion Activation:

Once the agreement is in place, American Express will activate the offer on the Amex Offers platform, making it visible to eligible cardholders. Ensure your staff is prepared to honor the offer and provide a seamless experience for customers.

6. Monitor Performance:

Track the performance of the offer to gauge its effectiveness in driving business to your establishment. Analyze metrics like redemption rates, customer feedback, and sales attribution to assess the impact of being featured on Amex Offers.

7. Build Customer Relationships:

Use the opportunity to connect with American Express cardholders who redeem your offer. Provide excellent service, encourage repeat business, and leverage the exposure to expand your customer base.

If you follow these steps above and create a mutually beneficial partnership with American Express through Amex Offers, you can showcase your business to a broader audience and potentially increase your revenue and brand visibility.

Amex Offers Not Showing Up:

If you are not seeing Amex Offers in your account or they are not showing up as expected, here are a couple of reasons why, and some steps you can take to troubleshoot and potentially resolve the issue:

Reason Why:

Limited Display: American Express only shows a limited number of offers in their app and website, typically the top 100 available for a cardmember. There could be more offers available, but they just aren't displayed.

How To Troubleshoot and Potential Resolve the Issue:

1. Check Account Status:

Ensure that your American Express account is in good standing and that there are no issues with your card or account that could be impacting the visibility of Amex Offers.

2. Update American Express App or Website:

Make sure you are using the latest version of the American Express mobile app or website. Outdated versions may not display offers correctly.

3. Clear Cache and Cookies:

If accessing offers through a web browser, clear your cache and cookies to refresh the page and potentially resolve any display issues.

4. Verify Offer Eligibility:

Confirm that your American Express card is eligible for Amex Offers. Some offers may be targeted and not available to all cardholders. Check the terms and conditions of specific offers to see if you meet the criteria.

5. Check Offer Availability:

Offers can vary by card type, spending behavior, and other factors. Certain offers may not be available to all cardholders. Keep an eye out for new offers that may appear periodically.

6. Contact Customer Service:

If you are still experiencing issues with Amex Offers not showing up, reach out to American Express customer service for assistance. They can help troubleshoot the problem and provide guidance on accessing and activating offers.

7. Opt-In for Email Alerts:

Consider signing up for email alerts from American Express to receive notifications about new offers and promotions directly to your inbox.

8. Update Communication Preferences:

Ensure that your communication preferences with American Express are up to date, as this may affect how offers are presented to you.

By following these steps and verifying your account status, updating your app or website, and checking your card eligibility, you can troubleshoot why Amex Offers may not be showing up for you.

Amex Sign Up Bonus:

American Express offers a variety of credit cards, each with its own unique sign-up bonus. These bonuses typically come in the form of Membership Rewards points, which you can redeem for travel, statement credits, gift cards, and more.

Here is a breakdown of Amex sign-up bonuses:

  • Bonus Amounts: They can vary significantly, ranging from around 30,000 points for some basic cards to a whopping 150,000 points for premium cards like the Amex Platinum Card (though this higher bonus offer is not always publicly available).
  • Spending Requirement: To earn the bonus, you will need to meet a minimum spending requirement within a set timeframe, usually within the first 3-6 months of card membership.

How To Find the Right Bonus:

Consider these factors when choosing an Amex card based on the sign-up bonus:

  • Your Spending Habits: If you travel a lot, a card with travel rewards might be ideal. If you spend heavily on groceries, a card with bonus points at supermarkets might be better.
  • The Annual Fee: Some cards with higher bonuses have hefty annual fees. Make sure the value of the bonus outweighs the annual fee for you.
  • Targeted Offers: Amex sometimes offers higher bonuses to targeted individuals. You can check for these through CardMatch on the Amex website or browse financial blogs for current offers.

Amex Sign Up Bonus Rules:

There are a few key rules to know about Amex sign-up bonuses:

  1. Once-in-a-Lifetime Rule: American Express has a strict "once-per-lifetime" rule for most cards. This means you can only earn the sign-up bonus for a specific card once in your entire life.
  2. Card Renewal Offers: While you won't get the initial bonus again if you renew the card, sometimes Amex offers bonus points for renewing. These are typically lower than the initial offer.
  3. Minimum Spending Requirement: To qualify for the sign-up bonus, you need to spend a certain amount of money within a specific timeframe (usually 3-6 months) from account opening. Make sure you can meet this requirement before applying.
  4. Eligibility for the Bonus: Amex checks your credit history and past relationship with Amex cards to determine eligibility. You might not be eligible if you've recently received a bonus from another Amex card or have a history of not paying your bills on time.
  5. Other Restrictions: Some bonuses might have additional restrictions, like requiring a specific number of purchases or excluding certain spending categories from earning the bonus. Always read the fine print of the offer before applying.

Amex Sign Up Bonus Tracker:

Unfortunately, American Express doesn't offer a built-in sign-up bonus tracker within their app or website. This can be frustrating, but there are a few workarounds to stay on top of your progress:

Manual Tracking Methods:

  • Use Spreadsheet: Create a simple spreadsheet to track your spending towards the bonus. Include columns for the date, purchase amount, category, and running total towards the minimum spend requirement.
  • Notes App: Use your phone or computer's notes app to keep a running list of your purchases and the total spent.
  • Monitor Your Bill Statements: Keep an eye on your Amex monthly statements. These will typically show your total spending for the month, which can help you estimate your progress.

Alternatives for Some Cards:

Centurion Lounge Spend Tracker (Platinum Card Only): The Amex Platinum card offers a lounge access benefit based on your annual spending. Interestingly, there's a tracker within the app that shows your progress towards reaching the $75,000 annual spend threshold for bringing guests into Centurion Lounges. You can potentially leverage this tracker as a rough estimate for your bonus progress, though keep in mind it tracks all spending, not just spending relevant to the sign-up bonus.

Reaching Out to Amex:

Customer Service Chat: While there's no built-in tracker, you can always contact Amex customer service via their online chat functionality. They can provide you with an update on your progress towards the sign-up bonus.

Third-Party Tools (Use with Caution):

Third-party credit card trackers: There are some third-party apps and websites that claim to track your Amex sign-up bonus progress. However, be cautious when using these tools, as you'll need to link your Amex account credentials to them. It's important to only use reputable services with strong security measures.

Remember, the best approach depends on your comfort level and how detailed you want your tracking to be.


While there is no direct application process, getting your business on Amex Offers is possible. Focus on being a great Amex-accepting merchant with a strong track record. Consider enrolling in the free Amex Shop Small program to boost visibility. Ultimately, Amex chooses its partners, but building a strong business makes you a more attractive candidate.