Simple Ways For A Student To Earn Extra Money While Attending School

simle ways for a student to earn extra money while attending school

Nowadays, many students face financial crisis both at home and in school due to the fact that they are solely depended on their parents for financial support. And if their parents are unable to provide the finances, they either end up being send away for school or may face difficulties in purchasing their basic necessities like writing materials, under wares, or may even involved into crimes.

Statistically, we see that many students in the less developed world are faced with this situation and most of them neither have a personal bank account nor some savings that they can use in cases of urgency, due to the inability for their parents to provide as much cash as possible. This can also be seen as a result of the numerous children that a single parent can have, and needs to sponsor them all through school. 

As a student, knowing simple ways to earn extra money while attending school is important. Keep reading.

In the developed world, a child of eighteen years is entitle to his own personal properties as well as a bank account which makes it easier for them. 

But never the less, there are solutions for you who want to earn some money while schooling. All you need is just a certain amount of money nor matter how small it.

In this article we will be discussing some simple ways to make extra money while attending school.

Simple Ways To Earn Money As a College Student

As a student who want to make money in order to support your sponsors, you have to be vigilant, making sure to grape every opportunity that comes your way.

Study your environment and see things lacking and engage in their provision. You don't need something very big to start with as a business . Even with little amount of money, you can start something. You can earn extra money as a student while still attending school through the following means;

By Selling Jewelries:

Engaging yourself in to jewelries business is a simple way to make money while schooling. Why?

Many students are attracted to beautiful and fancy things like earrings, chains, bangles, watches etc, because of their gorgeous  colors. 

Starting a business of such, where you most not necessarily own a jewelry shop but just buying in small quantities and marketing to your classmates can help you to make extra money while schooling from these students and also other individuals who find interest in your products.

The risk in this business can come in if you are unable to do a good selection of new designs since you are dealing with small scales business.

By Selling Perfumes And Body Sprays:

A perfume is a liquid fragment made from essential oils extracted  from flowers and spices, used to give the body a pleasant smell. 

Many students love this aroma smell produce by perfumes and usually like applying it on their body but because of  the busy school schedule, they can't go to look for them in the market. Getting in at this point to supply these products can  just be a way to earn you some extra money while still schooling.

Selling of Food Products:

Another basic way to make extra money while schooling is by selling cooked food products.

Food is a basic necessity for every individual. Statistically, it has been noticed that about 35% of students usually come to school without eaten. Because of this, they easily get exhausted and really need to eat something. You can come in and provide any of the following;

  • Fried rice and chicken in plastic plate at an affordable price.
  • Vegetable salad alongside with a well made cream and breads.
  • Doughnuts, peanuts or chin-chin and sell at an affordable price.
  • Boiled eggs and pepper alongside bread.
  • Bread and chocolate or mayonnaise.
  • Fruits like carrots, watermelon, pawpaw, oranges are easily afforded because of their role in digestion.   
  • Biscuits and sweets, mambo, etc.
Any of these businesses could really be lucrative, although may be time consuming in you don't have a helping hand. The best option for you will be that you look for somebody that does any of these food items and ask for supplies at a cheaper rate, so that after selling at a value, you benefit from the profit made. Hence, making some extra money while schooling.

Note that when dealing with food business, hygiene is very important. Your nails, hair and dressing most be clean and neat. There are people who will buy just because of what they see and vice versa.

Acting as a Middleman:

Acting as a middleman between teachers and students can be a simple way for you to make extra money while schooling. 

Create good relationships between your teachers and classmates. Majority of teachers in the high school and university don't dictate notes for students to copy and will radar  give out handouts to be photocopied. 

You can collect these handouts from your teachers and go photocopy at a low price since you will be going so many at once, you will have a large scale benefit or if you can afford a photocopy machine and know how to operate it them it will be of extra advantage.

Make sure to always ask those who need your services before engaging in the process so that as to avoid loses, or if it is possible collect the money before doing the work.

Doing Mobile Money Transfers and Withdrawals:

We now live in a digital world whereby most money transactions are done online and people no longer work around with physical cash but digital money in phones and online bank accounts. This could just be the best opportunity for you to make some benefits. 

Majority of mobile telephone networks companies like; MTN and Orange, offer mobile money services and provides benefits to their agents on any withdrawal or deposit make through them. 

You become an agent by registering with them at their branch office in the country where you are and after that a special SIM card(EVD) will be given to you. All you will need after then is some cash to start transactions.

By Doing  Online Advertisement:

There are many growing companies that needs publicity in their services and products. With just your phone, you can sign a contract to advertised their products and services through your online platforms such as; WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok App, Pinterest, etc, so long as you have a large fan base.

Also see: How To Make Money Online Using WhatsApp [Complete Guide] and How To Make Money On Facebook Through Chatting And Posting.  

Selling of Writing materials and Practical equipment:

Selling writing materials like pens, pencils, sharpener and practical equipment like gloves and syringes,  could earn you some extra money while schooling because at times students come to school forgetting these items in at home and are force to get a new one or an item get finish in the process of using it.

If you are already known for supplying those items, the individual will just come to you  and buy it.

Selling of Shocks, T-shirts or ladies shoes:

Ladies are never satisfied nor matter how many dresses or shoes they have and these are amongst the things that consumed their money.

Since ladies are attracted to what they see, bring the beautiful shoes, shocks, T-shirts or shoes and show them and even if they don't have money at that point in time, they will program you of the next day. When they buy, you enjoy the profit, making you to make extra money while schooling.

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Final Thoughts

As a student, you still have many options available to make extra money while schooling even if it is that amount which came support your daily life. Make yourself an entrepreneur and earn your money  using any of the above alternatives, even though other alternatives are available but these are the initials.

Note that the money your parents provide will never be sufficient at all times so you have to support them if you know and understand your background.