How To Make Money On Facebook Through Chatting And Posting

how to make money on facebook through chatting and posting

When you hear of Facebook, you might think it all about communicating with friends and entertaining yourself.

Yes, you may be right to think that way. Facebook is a social media platform that was created by Mark Zuckerberg to ease communication amongst friends and family members.

Facebook enables you to connect with people all around the world and also gives you the opportunity to showcase yourself ( your talent) to the world through posting and communication.

Facebook is one of those social media platforms that is experiencing rapid growth and expansion ever since in was linked to WhatsApp. Presently, Facebook has over 15million active users giving you a greater opportunity to connect with people across the world.

Chatting and posting, are two factors that can enable you make money on Facebook. All what you need is to have a large audiences.

You might be wondering how you can make money on Facebook just by chatting with a friend or posting a video or a picture. You need not to worry because this article will gives you all details.

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You most not be a celebrity before making money online (Facebook). The key thing is to have something that you can offer which can be beneficial to your audiences.

How Can I Earn Money On Facebook?

Earning money on Facebook is quite easy so long as you can turn every opportunity around you to your own advantage. You can actively or Passively earn money on Facebook through chatting and posting.

With the active method of earning money, Facebook pays you base on the services you provides. Most content creators on Facebook are being paid bases on the number of viewers and likes they have on their contents posted.

With the Passive method of earning money, you can do this through affiliated marketing and advertisement. In the case, Facebook is not responsible for your payment but the company your are marketing their products. You can still sell your own products on Facebook by posting them in your page or account and then chatting with friends to get it. Anyone who is interested will then place their orders.

How Can I Make Money Through Chatting On Facebook?

As we said above, active or passive methods are two basic methods that you can used to earn money on Facebook. In all these, chatting is very important in convincing your audiences to desire a product offered or like or view your content.

Statistics shows that people easily view contents with captivating message that are convincing and also prefer buying products that detail information is known.

Here are some methods that you can used in making money on Facebook;

1. Chat with Customer for A Business

Many businesses now function on an online base platform. This means that they usually have pages where customers can share their worries in.

Here, you can make money on Facebook, if you become a Customer service provider for a business. As a customer service provider for a company on Facebook, you're responsible for chatting with customers and also providing solutions to their worries.

You also help in convincing new friends to join the business or consume their products by chatting with them, making them see reasons why they should join the business.

The company pays you for just chatting and bringing in new customers. Isn't this interesting?

All you need to do is to look for a company that offer such opportunity.

2. Make money by Becoming a Virtual Assistant

You becoming a virtual assistants is a great opportunity to make money on Facebook by chatting 

A virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative services to a client but operates outsides the client's offices. He is usually someone with many years of experience in a particular domain  and can share his acquired skills for a cost.

A virtual assistant can provide administrative, technical or creative assistants to other at a cost.

Nowadays, many people are engaging in cryptocurrencies trading online such as bitcoins. if you are an expert in Bitcoin, you can become a virtual assistant in guiding new traders who will want to invest in bitcoins trading through your Facebook account and get paid for that. 

There are so many start up businesses that are looking for virtual assistants to guide them through and also companies that are looking for marketing experts to advertised their products.

Are you skilled in content management, blog post writing, online marketing, graphic designing, and many others, know that someone on Facebook needs your services and is willing to pay you for it.

You can get a virtual assistant on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr and  Indeed.

3. Make Money By Becoming A Page Manager on Facebook

Being a manager for a verified page on Facebook can be a great way of making money. There are pages on Facebook with over 5000 followers and these pages needs an administrator, an influencer and managers to maintain and grow the page.

In case you have a page and you feel that your daily schedule is in a way that you won't have time to run the page, you can get someone to manage the page and you pay him/her.

A manager will be responsible to post articles concerning your business, remove any one bringing disorder in the page, and also invite new followers.

4. By Becoming A News Reporter (A Publisher)

It is said that information is key. There are so many people on Facebook who are want to know what is happening around you and the world at large. You can be that source of information to them and in return monetized your page with Facebook for payment, base on the likes you have.

Things relating to health, sport, fashion are interesting topics to write on. Just create your page and start reporting.

Making money online is the most easiest way. So start by doing something and you will not regret it.

How To Make Money On Facebook By Posting

When we talk of posting as a means of making money online, we are referring to the posting of video, articles, or advertisement.

Making money on Facebook through post requires a lot of skills. You may have a good product or a good video but getting people interested will need a captivating message, and a captivating picture that describes and illustrate what you are talking about.

Facebook pays base on the number of viewers, likes and comments per month. Your payment will depend on the monetization process you have chosen.

Knowing how to make a post captivating can mean success. The only limitation with making money through posting is the fact that you most have a large fans base who like the content you create.

After you most have had a page with many followers, you can monetized this page and start earning money.

You can get followers by sharing your page link with other pages or friends. You can even promise an amount to the person with the highest link shares.

Some additional ways to make money on Facebook by posting include;

  • Include Facebook ads in your articles and post (video). Ads advertising is another way to earn money online.
  • Sign advertising deals with companies to advertise their brands. This is mostly done by social media influencers.
  • Earn money by doing a live broadcast on Facebook and then post.
  • If you have a website, you post a link to that website on Facebook. In this case, Facebook will now function as a short cut logging into your website. 

Note that making money by posting is not an easy process. It requires patience, and perseverance due to the fact that within the first months, you may not realize even a single $.

How Much Can I Earn on Facebook Monthly?

The amount of money you earn on Facebook will depend on the monetized program you choose, the number of views and likes you have.

With Facebook, you can earn up to $3500 monthly. If you have a page, you have to check if that page is eligible for monetization. Click here to learn more: How to check monetization eligibility for a Pages

Facebook pays about $10 to $19-per 1000 views ($0.01 to $0.02 per view) and this also vary depending on length of your video. So if you are a content creator or a publisher, get many audiences will be a get way to success.

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Final Thoughts About Earn Money On Facebook

Facebook is a social media platform where you can earn money by taken advantage of every opportunity you meet. You can make money on Facebook by chatting with a friend or posting articles.

With Facebook, you can earn up to $3500 monthly or more depending on the number of content you create and the number of views you have.

Note that you audiences have a vital role in your financial growth on Facebook. So growing your audiences should be of almost important.