How To Transfer Money From Google Pay Balance To PayPal

how to transfer money from google pay balance to paypal

Online leading financial platforms like Google Pay and PayPal have made transactions online easier and faster. Thanks to their ability to accept payments in different currencies and at a lower cost.

Google Pay is mostly used to purchase Google's products like; apps, and software programs. while PayPal is mostly for purchases in online stores and in other place where it is accepted. 

How ever, there might be a time where you might want to transfer money from your Google Pay balance in to your PayPal account for a particular reason as a means of managing your cash in an appropriate manner.

In case where you don't want to transfer the money from google pay into your PayPal, you can still transfer the money to your linked bank account or to your debit card.

PayPal is one of a oldest money transfer platform and has a wild range of acceptability over many continents. It has about 500 million users and also accepts payments from over 25 currencies. It uses the American Dollar as a standard currency.

So, If you are a Buyer or a Seller who is dealing with online businesses, having a PayPal account will be of great advantage to you since it is highly acceptable and also, shopping with this app prevent you from incurring high charges on exchanges.

While PayPal is available everywhere, Google Pay is not and as such can not be used everywhere. In this case, learning how to transfer money from Google Pay balance to PayPal will be to your advantage.

What Is PayPal (Info About PayPal)

PayPal is a multinational financial technology business based in the United States. It operates an online payment system in the majority of nations that allow for online payments.

PayPal has helped in replacing the used of checks and other traditional  methods of payment.

This platform allows for money transfer within American States and out of America. You can add money to your linked bank account or a linked credit/debit card from PayPal. People use PayPal to make online purchases, transfer money, pay bills, and receive payments.

PayPal is one of the oldest online payment platforms, which was founded in December 1998 at Palo Alto, California, U.S.A by Dan Schulman. 

What are some features of PayPal?

Before transfer your money from Google Pay to PayPal, it is important to known the features of PayPal. This can help build your trust and confidence towards the utilization of the app.

Some of the features of PayPal are seen below;

  1. It accepts payments in real time.
  2. It accepts a variety of credit and debit cards.
  3. It accepts and processes eChecks and ACH payments as payment methods.
  4. It enables users to accept payments in a variety of currencies.
  5. PayPal offers an online payment channel through which users/clients can make payments.
  6. PayPal also accepts payments from other transfer Platforms like Google Pay.

When your PayPal account is linked to your Google Pay account, you can directly transfer your cash from Google pay to PayPal. In this case, Google Pay will become a payment option to PayPal.

What is Google Pay? (Info)

Google Pay also Known as G Pay was formerly refer to as Android Pay. This app was launched  in 2015 as a means to facilitate money transactions between United States of American, India and Singapore for the purchase of google products. Later, it was merged in to Google wallet to form Google Pay which became faster and more reliable.

Google Pay uses the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) ID to permit online transactions, just like Paytm and PhonePe apps. It also has an API that allows businesses to have access to google services like: Google Assistant and Braintree, on their website. Users can as well link their credit or debit cards Google Pay to enable withdrawals.

Google Pay allows you to make contactless purchases online and offline through emails. It can be used on android and iOS devices depending on the location of the individual.

Google Pay allows you to make purchases on Google developed applications and also send money to friends and families. But the disadvantage is that it can not be used everywhere.

Base on the above reason, integrating your Google Pay to your PayPal account will enable you transfer money from your Google Pay balance to PayPal. Below is a guide.

How To Transfer Money From Google Pay To PayPal

Transferring Money from Google Pay to PayPal is possible through two methods, That is; Direct and Indirect method.

With the indirect method, your PayPal account is linked directly to your Google Pay account. While with the indirect method, you have a Google Pay account linked to your bank account and that same bank account is also linked to your PayPal account. When you transfer money from Google Pay into this Linked bank account, you can than transfer the money from this bank account to PayPal .

In the article, we are bringing to you in details the direct method on how to transfer money from Google Pay to PayPal.

How To Connect PayPal to Google Pay

To connect your PayPal to your Google Pay,

  • Open the Google Pay app and click on the card button at the top
  • Tap on "Add a Payment Method"
  • Select " PayPal"
  • A pop-up paper will appear requesting your to input your PayPal details.
  • Enter your PayPal details and verify before confirming.
  • An OTP will be send to the number you used in creating your PayPal account for your confirmation.

How to Transfer Money from Google Pay to PayPal ( Direct method)

 Here, we consider that you are having both a verified PayPal and google Pay account. To transfer  money form Google Pay to PayPal, 

  • Load in to your PayPal account by tapping on the app icon on your screen.
  • Navigate to the balance section and tap "Transfer Money".
  • On the next page, tap on "Add Money to Your balance".
  • Select your payment method which will show either Card, bank account or Google Pay.
  • Enter the amount of money you want to transfer to PayPal and then tap "Add".
  • On the next page, click " Add $" to complete the transfer.
  • Finally, Tap the "Add" button to complete the transfer and enter your UPI PIN.
For more info, click this link: how to transfer money from google pay to PayPal.

How Do I Create A Google Pay Account?

Creating your Google Pay account is easy,

  • Download the Google Pay app on Google play store and install it on your android phone.
  • Tap on the Google Pay app icon on your home screen to open the app and on the app menu bar, tap on the arrow at the top right hand corner to select your language,
  • Input your email, phone number, location and your email password for proper identification.
  • Check your Google email ID and continue by clicking the Ok button.
  • At the point, a One Time Password (OTP) will be send to your phone number. Copy it and enter in the space provided.
  • Select a PIN or Screen Pattern lock for security and at this point, you will have completed the set up process.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) On Google Pay And PayPal Transactions

These questions will be relating to google pay to PayPal transfers;

Can Google Pay work with PayPal?

Yes, Google Pay can work with PayPal. This occur when you directly integrate google pay as a method of payment on PayPal.

How Long does it take to initiate a Google Pay to PayPal transfer?

For direct transfers from google pay to PayPal, it might take just few hour if your accounts are verified. But with the indirect method whereby you have to pass through a linked bank account, it may take 3-5 days for the process to be complete.

How can I transfer Money from Google Pay to PayPal?

There are two possibilities. That is direct and indirect method. With the direct method, your PayPal account is linked directly to your Google Pay account. And there is usually no cost applied. 

While with the indirect method, you have a your Google Pay account linked to a bank account that is as well linked to your PayPal account, so that when you transfer money from Google Pay into this Linked bank account, you than transfer the money from this bank account to PayPal.

Reasons For my Inability to Link my PayPal account to my Google pay

  1. Your location does not accept/ support  the integration of PayPal to Google Pay.
  2. You have disabled the in-store payments on Google Pay.  

What are The Limits for transfers from Google Pay to PayPal?

For a verified account, the maximum single transaction limit is $5,000 USD in the US and $700USD for unverified accounts.

Final Thoughts On Money Transfer From Google Pay to PayPal

PayPal and Google Pay are two widely used online platforms when it comes to making purchases online and for the reason, understanding how you can transfer money from one platform to the other when needs be is important.

PayPal is mostly used for in-store purchases while Google Pay is used to purchase Google's own products like apps and programs.

To be able to transfer money from Google Pay to PayPal, you most create a google pay and a PayPal account and link both accounts together.