How To Transfer Money From Your NFC Bank Account To A Mobile Money Account

how to transfer money from your nfc bank account to a mobile money account

NFC (National Financial Credit) is a commercial bank found in Central Africa, precisely in a country called Cameroon. Cameroon is also referred to as Africa miniature, due to its natural environment filled with different varieties of wildlife, foods, topography, beaches and many others, which attracts so many tourists into the environment.

It is also a developing country with a lot of building construction works going on. Many foreigners who come in to the country either to do business or for contracts may want to open a bank account and this case, creating an account with NFC Bank will just be the best option.

NFC Bank has Branches all over the ten regions of Cameroon but the main branch bank is located in the central region (Yaoundé) of the country.

This bank has employed over 500 Cameroonians ranging from Directors, Managers, accountants, security men and other staffs. Majority of the workers in NFC all over the country are mostly English language speaking and  although some workers speak French language as well. 

The cooperation is not a government institution, and shareholders have unlimited liabilities. NFC offers different types of Savings and Checking accounts.

Bankers in the bank are very welcoming and know their rights and duties and also the rights of their customers. 

The recent most interesting thing about this Bank is the development of a mobile app know as the NFC mobile app which enable their customers to transfer money from their NFC bank account to a Mobile money account.

In this article, we will be showing you details on how you can transfer money from your NFC bank account to your mobile money account. See detail process below.

How To Download And Link The NFC Mobile App To Your Bank Account

The NFC mobile app is a very secure app created by NFC bank to facilitate banking activities between the bank and their customers. 

This app allow workers to make withdrawals and deposits anywhere within the country at no cost. 

How To Download the NFC Mobile app 

To download the NFC mobile app, 

  1. Go to their website ( or Google Pay store or Apple store and search for the NFC mobile app in the search box.
  2. Click on the app icon after you see it to download it.
  3. After you download it on Google Pay store for example, it will take some few minutes to load, after which it will be insulted automatically on your phone home screen.

How to Link the NFC Mobile App to your Bank Account

After downloading and insulting the app in your phone, the next step will be for you to linked your bank account to this app. To do this, you can carefully follow all the steps and instructions on the app or you can visit any NFC branch bank and request for the services of the mobile app. You will also have to provides the following details before you can be eligible to you the app.

  • Your NFC bank account name
  • Account Number
  • A User's name
  • Birth date
  • Your Phone number ( preferably the one you used when you where creating your NFC bank account).
  • A strong password
  • Email address and a valid ID card number.

If you have all the above requirements, the technical team will work on the linking process. The good thing about this is that after the linking process, you can change password so that even those who did the linking process will have no access to your account and also before the mobile app opens an One Time Password (OTP) will be send to your phone number and you will be requested to copy it and input into the space provided for proper verification. At everything is confirmed, you can then transfer money to your mobile money account.

How To Transfer Funds From An NFC Bank Account To A Mobile Money Account (A Step-by-step Guides)

In order to transfer  money from your NFC bank account to your mobile money account, following the step by step guides below;

  1. On your phone screen, tap on the NFC bank icon to lunch the app.
  2. After you tap, a page will be open with a welcome message and beneath, you will see a Red bar with the message "Let's Start". Click on the "Let's Start" bar to continue.
  3. This will direct you to the next page. Where you will be required to enter your User's name and password. in order to log in to the app menu.
  4. Enter your user's name and password in the spaces provided. In case where you can't recur your user's name or password, click on "Forgot User's name?" or "Forgot Password?" respectively and a verification page will be open for you to enter details.
  5. After entering your user's name and password, click on Login in the red bar beneath page. Note that if you enter a wrong password more than twice, your account will be block for security purposes.
  6.  After your enter your correct user's name and password  and then login, and OTP will be send to the number you used in registering your account.
  7. Copy the OTP code and enter it in the space provided. after with you click Login to login to the app menu.
  8. Here, you will see a display message at the top with your name (Hi xxx) and in the page board are 8 icons (Accounts, Portfolio, Transfer, Payments, Deposits, Loans, Exchange Rate and Other Services).
  9. Tap on the "Payments" icon to open the next page.
  10. On the pop-up page are three other icons (Pay Bills, Add Biller Beneficiary and View  Biller). Click on "Pay Bills".
  11. Another screen will pop-up with different icons (CashIn, CashOut, DATA, TopUP, DTH?Cable TV ,Water Bill etc).
  12. Click on "CashIn" to pop-up the next screen. On the pop on screen is display three icons (MTN MoMo Cash-In, Orange Money Cash-In  and Express Union Cash In/Depot).
  13. Depending on the network you want to send to, you can select  for example, MTN MoMo Cash-In by tapping on the icon.
  14.  Another screen will pop-up, displaying your Available account Balance in XAF.
  15. Enter the product ( Cash in a Custom amount), Mobile Number, Amount and Remark in the space provided.
  16. After you correctly enter all details, Click on Submit in the red bar below. In case where you don't want to initiate the transfer, click on Cancel.
  17.  A notification message will then be seen to your number about then amount deducted from from account.

Note that you can also monitor your NFC bank account using this app. To do so, click on the Account icon in point 8 above and your every details about your NFC bank account will be display.

You can also transfer money from your mobile mobile account into your bank account. to do so, click on CashOut in point 11 above and follow instructions.

Does NFC bank places Charges on Transfer from your Bank account to Mobile Money account?

No,  all transfers from your bank account to mobile money account are free with no charges apply. You might incur a charge fee only when you want you withdraw the money at a mobile money office from from your mobile money account.

However, you might incur a yearly charge of about 3000 to 9000frs.

What are the Transfer Limits on the NFC Mobile App?

Weekly, you can transfer up to 500,000 XAF and monthly, you can transfer up to 1 million francs.

You can only used this app to transfer money through mobile money from your bank account to inhabitances who have a mobile account with MTN or Orange Cameroon. You can not seen money through MoMo to someone out of  Cameroon.

How Do I Change My NFC Mobile App Password?

To change your password, from point 4 above, click on "Forgot Password?" and enter  your account number, User's name, mobile number without country code, and Date of birth then submit for check up.

How Long Does it takes for a Success Transfer to my MoMo?

Immediately the transfer details are submitted, it will take between 2-5 minutes for the money to be found in side your mobile wallet. However, it will depend on the nature of the network. 

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Final Thought On NFC Online Banking

The NFC Mobile app is a secured and easy way to transfer money from your NFC bank account to a mobile money account.

With this app permit transfers at a zero cost but this can only  be done within Cameroon, using MTN or Orange network for now. You can cash-in or cash out from this app. Aside that, you can also keep records of your account and many other banking opportunities such as payment of electricity and water bills, etc.

To transfer money from your bank account to a mobile money account , follow the step by step process above.

Basic Account Opening Requirements with NFC Bank

NFC bank offers different types of accounts, and also issue Cheeks and debentures.

To create an account, the following requirements are need;

  1. A valid national ID card/Passport
  2. A location plan
  3. An application latter addressed to the director
  4. Two Passport Photographs of yourself
  5. A phone number 
  6. An email address

All the above information will the entered in to the forms that you will filled and this can take you up to 45mins or more to complete the process.