SHEIN Shopping Online [2024 Guides]

shein shopping online

Imagine having a world where technology is still at its minimal and people needs to travel across countries, continents to purchases  commodities (goods) and you will picture a regressive world where time is being wasted, and businesses slowed down.

But however, the above situation is not the case in our present days. Thanks to the continuous advancement in digital technology which has brought many businesses and their services to an online base platform.

Many businesses nowadays own websites where their products are being displaced for customer who are visiting the side and a online mobile apps which permits online shopping and payments.

SHEIN  is a retailer, just like Amazon, Alibaba, Temu and others, that permits online shopping. This means that you can shop at  SHEIN through their website or their mobile app, pay through any of its acceptable payment methods and the wait for your products to be ship to your door step or country.

The good thing about shopping at SHEIN is that you can return a product if you received something different from what you ordered.

If you are wondering what SHEIN is, How to shop at SHEIN online, or What are SHEIN Shipping policies, then this article is a guide for you. But we will start by letting you know what SHEIN is.

What is SHEIN?

SHEIN is a low-cost fashion retailer base in China. This retailer was created in 2008 by Chris Xu and is one of the most well-known online retailers of fashion and sporting goods. As of May 2021, the SHEIN app was one of the top downloaded shopping apps in the United States.

SHEIN is not really a producer but a retailer. It acts as a gateway between suppliers and customers mostly through an online platform.

SHEIN shipping services are found in over 220 countries across the continent, including countries like Cameroon, Nigeria and USA. 

SHEIN has a mission which is its commitment to make fashion available to all around the world at a low cost, and motto which stays that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.

SHEIN is a retailer that understands what the modern society of today wants and uses demand- manufacturing technology to connect with suppliers. By so doing, inventory lost is minimal and customer's satisfaction is attained.

SHEIN is one of the fastest growing retailer around the world due to that fact that it connect people with current fashion goods, especially ladies products at a low cost.

Best Things To Buy On SHEIN

SHEIN is a fashion retailer. This shows that you can purchase items relating to fashion and lifestyle. 

SHEIN offer mostly products of woman but you can also find items like; men's cloths, Baby's set, Sport wears, Shoes and bags, Electronics, Household and storage equipment, Household decorating items ( Like door blinds and window blinds, Cuttings) etc.

SHEIN's main brands are women items, since the highest people around the world who like shopping especially fashion are ladies, and this is the reason for its rapid popularity and growth.

Some Ladies items under the  main categories are;

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Swimwear
  • Nightwear
  • Shoes And Bags
  • Make-ups
  • Dresses
  • Bodysuits
  • Etc. 

So long as fashion is concern, everything you need is available at SHEIN website, all you need to do is to log in and placed your orders.

See how to shop at SHEIN Online below.

How To Shop On SHEIN Online

Shopping at SHEIN stores online using either your phone or PC is very easy so long as you understand the procedure correctly.

SHEIN has a website ( and also a mobile App ( SHEIN-Online Shopping app). All these allow customers to shop after logging in their Email address.

But as for this article, we encourage customers shopping at SHEIN to used the SHEIN mobile app due to the fact that it is less time consuming as compare to shopping using website to log in.

You can download the SHEIN-Online Shopping app on Google Play store or Apple store. Do this by simply logging in to Google Play store in your phone and on the search bar, type SHEIN-Shopping Online app and then click on the search icon.

The app icon will be display. Click on it and then on the install button, to automatically installed the app to your Android phone. 

To Shop at SHEIN online, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the SHEIN mobile app icon on your phone home screen in order to open the app menu.
  2. On the app menu board, navigate to the downer right hand corna and tap on Category.
  3. To the next page that comes up, select from any of the 5 categories ( WOMEN, CURVE + PLUS, KIDS, MEN, or HOME) on the top bar.
  4. Still on the same page, select from the sub-categories. For example, if you want Women denims, select WOMEN from the main category and DENIM in the sub-categories and vice versa.
  5. At this point, Various types of items will be display base on the sub-category you have chosen. Select the design you want by simply tapping on it, ( e.g Denim shorts).
  6. A new page will pop-up with different designs, types and their prices. Tap on your desirable design.
  7. Select the size if available (XS, S, M, L, XL) or click on Tell me your size. You can view shipping cost and the expected date of arrival just below the item.
  8. You can also select your desirable color.
  9. Tap on the ADD TO CART button.
  10. Your item is now inside the cart. You can now return to the app menu and select from any other category as we see in steps above.
  11. You can shop as many items as possible so long as you can pay for them. Every single item you choose will be added on to the Cart.
  12. Tap on the Cart icon on the upper or lower left hand corna on the app menu to view your chosen items during shopping at SHEIN. You can cancel any item if you don't want by tapping on the tick to the right  of the item.
  13. Tap on CHECKOUT at the lower left hand corna to confirm your order.

When you tap on CHECKOUT, SHEIN will then request you to verify your identity. At this point, a new page will pop-up, where you will need to either enter your Mobile number or email address and then tap on CONTINUE or simply tap on Continue with Google or Continue with Facebook.

SHEIN through Google services automatically detects your location. However, just below this page is a location tag, tap on it and choose your desirable location.

If you Click on Continue with Google, Google automatically saved all your details with SHEIN. SHEIN will send you a welcome Email to your phone.

Next thing to do is to enter your Shipping Address. This includes; your country, your First and Last names, your Phone number, city, post/zip code, Address Line 1 and 2( street, building and floor). After this verify your details and click on SAVE.

Now, Select a method of payment. To know about the payment methods acceptable at SHEIN, click HERE. SHEIN accepts; PayPal, Google Pay, Paytm, PayU, Credit and debit payments.  It also accepts Cash on delivery.

Choose your Shipping option ( Express or standard shipping). Apply your coupon code, SHEIN points, or SHEIN gift card. Then click on PLACE ORDER.

If you selected credit card as a payment option, enter your card number, Expired date, and CVV code. Finish by clicking CONTINUE. At this point, money will be debuted from your card.

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SHEIN Shipping Policies?

After you have enter all required information, SHEIN takes approximately 1 to 2 weeks to deliver your products depending on the shipping option chosen. Your products will be send in side a Catton with your name writing on it and your location.

SHEIN charges an additional $0.99 on every purchased items as insurance fees. This is such that in case of any lost, SHEIN will take full responsibility of the goods.

SHEIN allows two types of shipping, express shipping takes 1week and standard shipping takes 2weeks and all these depends on your location. But express shipping is more costly and is for order over $199 (free), and above $13.

SHEIN gives free shipping on orders over $49 for Standard shipping and $199 for express shipping.

SHEIN also allow clients to return or exchange goods within 45days of your order. These goods most be return unworn, unwashed, with the original tags and/ or hygiene stickers attached.

Your first return will be for free but on further returns within the same order, you will be charge of $7.99 shipping fee, so make sure to return your items at once.

Can I Return Items to SHEIN After I purchase?

Yes, you can make a return of items to SHEIN after purchasing them. See how to do that in the steps below;

  • Log in to your SHEIN account
  • Go under " My Order" and tap on "Return Item".
  • Select the item(s) you want to return, follow by explaining your reason why you want to make a return. After that tap "Submit".
  • Print the return label and tape it on the outside of your return package.
  • Drop it off at the nearest post office or call SHEIN to arrange for pick up.
  • Always used the address on your shipping label and not the sender's address on your original package. Call SHEIN customer service in case any issue arise.

Final Thoughts

SHEIN has a mission which is its commitment to make fashion available to all around the world at a low cost, and motto which stays that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.

This shows that SHEIN is out to make life easy for every one through fashion. Shopping at SHEIN could just be the best option to starting up at new business.

You can shop at SHEIN and use your WhatsApp Status as a business center.

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Just follow the steps above shop at SHEIN.