How To Get A Refund On SHEIN Without Returning [All About SHEIN Return]

how to get a refund on shein without returning

Generally, SHEIN policy requires you to return items for a refunds. But there are a few situations where they might offer you a "keep it" option. Find out in this article below to see how.

SHEIN is a rapidly expanding fashion brand that mostly focuses on women's materials. It also has an excellent assortment of men's and children's clothing.  It also deals with accessories, luggage, and shoes.

SHEIN accepts a range of payment methods. You can add a payment option to your shein app, as well as change a payment method, as you will see in this article below.

SHEIN's increasing popularity can be attributed to its online and offline shopping experiences, as well as its ability to accept a variety of payment methods.

When you shop at shein online, your items will be shipped to your desired location. In case you received this package and it is not what you ordered, SHEIN gives you the ability to return items for a refund or in some cases, you may be given a 'keep it' option.

In this article, we will provides answers to some worries about shein shopping, refunds and returns.

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How To Get A Refund On SHEIN Without Returning [Items]

Before thinking getting a refund or returning a item to shein, ensure that the item is still in the right form as received, and also ensure that it wasn't been used.

Log in to your SHEIN account and head to "My Orders". Find the order containing the item(s) you want to return, click on "Order Details", and then "Return Item", followed by stating your reason for returning the item. Summit and wait for a response message. 

If  you receive a message which says "You are welcome to keep the item without returning it, no return label will be sent.”, it means that SHEIN will refund you for your order, but you do not need to send the order back to them.

Below are few situations where they might offer a "keep it" option:

  1. Damaged or Incorrect Items: If your items arrive damaged or are incorrect, SHEIN may offer a refund without return as a gesture of goodwill.
  2. Low-Value Items: For very inexpensive items, SHEIN might sometimes allow you to keep them and still get a refund. This seems somewhat random and not a guaranteed option.
  3. Technical Glitches: Occasionally, technical glitches on SHEIN's website might lead to unexpected outcomes, including unprompted "keep it" refunds. However, relying on this is not advisable.

Obtaining a refund without a return might violate SHEIN platform policies and unfair practices. To minimize future returns, consider thorough research, prioritizing quality over quantity, and supporting ethical brands during shopping at SHEIN online.

How To Return SHEIN Items

Shopping online can be convenient, but sometimes things don't go as planned. Maybe that cute top doesn't fit quite right, or the color is a little off. No worries, returning SHEIN items is a relatively straightforward process.  Below is a step by step guide for you:

1. Initiate the Return:

  • Log in to your SHEIN account.
  • Go to "My Orders" and find the order you want to return.
  • Click on "Order Details".
  • Select "Return Item" and choose the item(s) you're returning.
  • Specify the reason for the return.

2. Choose Return Method:

  • Select your preferred shipping method (e.g., USPS, UPS, local drop-off points).
  • SHEIN might offer a free return label depending on your reason for return and location.

3. Print Return Label (if applicable):

  • If you're using a provided return label, print it clearly.

4. Securely Package Items:

  • Place the items back in their original packaging, if possible.
  • Attach the return label securely to the outside of the package.

5. Ship the Package:

  • Drop off the package at your chosen shipping location within the designated timeframe (usually 30-45 days).
  • Keep the return receipt for your records.

6. Track Your Return:

  • Monitor the return status in your SHEIN account's "Return & Refund" section.

7. Receive Refund:

Once SHEIN receives and processes the returned items, you'll receive a refund to your original payment method (usually within 7-14 business days).

Note Better: Take photos of the items before you return them, just in case there are any issues, keep copies of all your return documents for your records.

SHEIN Return Policy

In this article, we have summarized shein return policy in to points for a better understanding:

 1. Return Window:

  • Most items: Takes 45 days from the delivery date to initiate a return.
  • Some exceptions: Swimwear and lingerie may have shorter return windows (check product pages).

2. Return Eligibility:

Items must be:

  • Unworn, unwashed, undamaged, and unaltered.
  • Have original tags attached.
  • In their original packaging (if possible).

3. Non-returnable items:

  • Bodysuits, lingerie, jewelry, beauty underwear, event/party supplies, DIY supplies, pet supplies, and accessories (except scarves, bags, and mermaid blankets).
  • Cosmetics with broken hygiene seals.

4. Free gifts:

Items marked as non-returnable at the time of purchase

5. Refunds:

  • Issued within 7-14 business days of SHEIN receiving and processing returned items.
  • Refunded to your original payment method.

For more details, tap on this link: SHEIN's Return Policy.

SHEIN Return Without Original Packaging

While SHEIN strongly emphasizes returning items in their original packaging, it's still possible to initiate a return without it.

SHEIN's official return policy states that items should be returned in their original packaging, including tags and return label attached to it correctly. This helps ensure the items are in a sellable condition upon return.

However, it is possible to return shein items without the original packaging. SHEIN customer service will guide you on the procedure.

1. Contact SHEIN Customer Service:

Explain your situation and inquire about return options without the original packaging.

They might provide specific instructions or offer alternative solutions.

2. Package the Items Securely:

  • Use a sturdy box or bag to prevent damage during transit.
  • Wrap items individually to protect them from wear and tear.

3. Attach Return Label Clearly:

  • Place the return label prominently on the package to ensure proper processing.
  • Double-check the shipping address and return authorization number.

4. Choose a Reliable Shipping Method:

Opt for a traceable shipping service to monitor your return's progress.

Note that: returns without original packaging might undergo extra inspection, potentially extending processing time.

Are SHEIN Returns Free?

Free SHEIN returns might depends on few factors:


  • US: The first return per order is free using a SHEIN-provided label. Subsequent returns from the same order incur a $7.99 fee.
  • UK: The first return label is free. Subsequent returns from the same order cost £2.50.

Other regions: Policies may vary. Check your local SHEIN website or app for details.

Note that, free return for unwanted items are not available in Africa (with the exception of damage articles). 

Reason for return:

  • Damaged, defective, or incorrect items: SHEIN covers return shipping if the item is faulty or doesn't match your order.
  • Unwanted items: You're responsible for return shipping costs unless you use a SHEIN-provided label (fees apply as mentioned above).

How To Return SHEIN's QR Code

Follow steps below to return a shein's qr code:

1. Access the QR code:

  • Email: Check your email for a return confirmation message containing the QR code.
  • SHEIN account: Log in to your SHEIN account, go to "My Orders," find the relevant order, and access the "Return Details" page to view the QR code.

2. Choose a return method:

  • Post office: If you're returning via a post office, you might need to print a return label instead of using a QR code.
  • Drop-off point: Some carriers offer QR code-based returns at designated drop-off points.

3. Prepare your return package:

  • Pack the items securely in their original packaging, if possible.
  • Attach any necessary return labels or documents.

4. Present the QR code:

  • Post office: If applicable, show the QR code to the postal worker at the counter.
  • Drop-off point: Scan the QR code at the designated machine or kiosk to initiate the return process.
  • Specific instructions may vary depending on your country and carrier.

Can You Order From SHEIN Without An Account?

Yes, you can order from SHEIN without creating an account, but there are some limitations and considerations:

Here's how to do it:

Add items to your cart: Browse the website or app and add the items you want to purchase to your cart.

Proceed to checkout: When you're ready to checkout, click the "Checkout securely now" button.

Enter guest information: Instead of logging in or creating an account, choose the "Check out as a guest" option.

Provide details: Fill in your shipping and billing information, including:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Payment method

Complete the order: Review your order details and click "Place Order" to finalize the purchase.

Limitations of Guest Checkout:

Order tracking: You won't be able to track your order status or view past orders through a SHEIN account. You'll need to rely on the email notifications and tracking information provided by the shipping carrier.

Returns and exchanges: Initiating returns or exchanges without an account might require extra steps, such as providing proof of purchase manually.

Rewards and discounts: You won't be able to collect SHEIN points or access exclusive discounts that are often available to account holders.

Personalized recommendations: You won't receive personalized product recommendations based on your browsing and purchase history.


Account creation benefits: Creating a SHEIN account offers advantages like order tracking, easier returns, rewards, and personalized experiences.

Password managers: If you're concerned about managing multiple accounts, consider using a password manager to securely store your login credentials.


Returning items to SHEIN is a straightforward process as  it offers an option for you to return purchased items within the designated timeframe (usually 30-45 days).

SHEIN is a rapidly expanding fashion brand that mostly focuses on women's materials. It also has an excellent assortment of men's and children's clothing.  It also deals with accessories, luggage, and shoes.

It is possible to get a refund on shein without a return. This can happen after you receive a message instructing you to keep the item. It is advisable to review shein return policy before requesting for a return.

To return items on shein, log in to your shein account and initiate the process as shown above.