Walmart Payment Methods

walmart payment methods

When you think of largest businesses, supermarkets or hypermarkets, you will be thinking of something like Walmart. 

Just like SHEIN, Walmart is a retailer that accepts both in-store and online payments. These have made shopping through its branches flexible and possible.

Thanks to American family men for starting such a cooperation. Walmart is similar to businesses like; Amazon, Alibaba, SHEIN, TeMu, etc. With all these retailers, you can purchase goods at their branch stores or through their websites online. 

Walmart accepts; cash deposits, Walmart Pay, Credit and debit payments and others as we will be seeing in details below. 

In this article, we will be given you a brief introduction about what Walmart is, and also the various methods of payment acceptable at Walmart.

What Is Walmart?

Walmart is a multinational retail business cooperation, owned by American business men; Sam Walton and James Walton. It operates a chain of supermarkets, Grocery stores, fashion stores and others in over 25 countries across the world, operating under different trade names.

This business has been existing since 1992 in the United States of America and in 2022, Walmart has stores in countries like Canada, South Africa, India , Chile, UK and other countries.

In terms of employment, Walmart is one of the largest private employer with 2.3million employees. It headquarter is found at Bentonville, Arkansas in U.S.A. Walmart is a true example of a family business owned by the Walton's family.

At Walmart stores, you can purchase products like; food stocks, groceries, Jewelry, clothing, electronics, furniture, baby's products, school and office needs, health products, etc.

Walmart has an online payment app known as Walmart Pay which enables users of this app to shop and pay at Walmart. You can download this app on Google  play store or Apple store.

As a customer visiting any Walmart store, or shopping at Walmart online, it will be necessary to know the payment methods that are acceptable at Walmart. These will be discuss below;

Walmart Payment Methods

Just like SHEIN which accepts a number of payment methods, and is an Indian fashion retailer, Walmart also has different payment methods that it accepts. Some of which will be listed below. 

Note that, in terms of payment options, Walmart is one of the most flexible retailer store. This is due to its ability to accept in-store payments (physical cash), debit and credit cards payments and some digital payments.

Below are different payment methods acceptable at Walmart;

Does Walmart accepts Cash Deposits?

Yes, Walmart accepts cash deposit. This means that you can shop at Walmart and make a physical cash deposit at the cashier.

However, due to  the development of online banks and money transfer platforms like; PayPal, Venmo, people no longer prefer caring physical cash around as an option. This is because it is insecure as you can be exposed to thief and lost.

In this cases, shopping using online platforms or card will be a good option.

Does Walmart Accepts Walmart Pay? 

Yes, Walmart Pay is acceptable at Walmart. As a  means to resolved the problem of caring physical cash around, Walmart has developed a platform known as Walmart Pay. This application allows users to make payments at Walmart only using their phone.

To be able to use the Walmart Pay app, you have to download and linked the app to your credit card, Walmart gift card, or your debit card. These gives you the eligibility to shop at Walmart stores without using physical card.  

Does Walmart Accepts Credit and Debit Cards?

Yes, Walmart accepts payments through a variety of debit and credit cards  like America Express, Master Card, Visa, Discover credit cards.

When you shop at any Walmart store, you can pay with a debit or credit card so long as that card type is acceptable. To do so, enter your card details and the amount you have been tax on the products have purchase and then use the QR code reader to scan your card barcode.

You could also Cash Out at ATM and then used the Cash to shop, or linked up your card to Walmart pay.

Does Walmart Accepts PayPal?

Yes, you can used PayPal as a payment option at Walmart. This is acceptable both with online shopping at or shopping at Walmart stores using Walmart Pay.

To integrate PayPal as a payment method, open your Walmart app and to the option which demands you choose a payment method, select PayPal and then enter all your PayPal account details and confirm details by tapping ok.

This will enable you to shop at Walmart and pay directly from your PayPal wallet. In this case, your PayPal acts like a debit or credit card.

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Can Walmart Accepts Buy Now and Pay Later apps?

Walmart does not accepts AfterPay. However, you can use PayPal, Affirm, or Klarna to buy now and pay later.

Walmart integrates with Affirm to provide the buy now and pay later option to her customers. This means that customers who choose affirm as a payment method at Walmart can shop and then pay later.

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Does Walmart Accepts Gift Cards?

Yes, Walmart accepts its own gift cards.

It also accepts Health Benefits Cards, EBT cards, WIC cards and SNAP base on where you used it.

Which Methods Of Payment are not Acceptable At Walmart?

Walmart does not accepts Samsung Pay, Google Pay, Afterpay , Apple Pay and Cash App as payment methods.

However, you can use a Cash App Card at Walmart retailers or stores to shop.

Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer 

At Walmart, you can make a Walmart-2-Walmart transfer in order to send money to someone who is not found in your locality. This service is available in America and can be used to send money to people who can not easily have access to a bank account.

This is mostly used in the U.S and Canada, where it has over 3000 supercenters. Walmart is used for shopping but beyond that, the retailer also allows individuals to send money from one store to another. 

The recipient can pick up the money at that particular Walmart branch to which the sender directed it to. 

You will need to go to any Walmart store and at the cashier, demand for a Walmart to Walmart transfer services. Provides all the detailers of you the sender and the receiver, including the receiver's location.

For amounts less than $50, Walmart charges a fee of $4.50, between $51 to $900 fees is $9.50 and up to $25000, fees is $18.

You can also transfer money at Walmart to someone through MoneyGram, Western Union and Ria to over 200 countries.

If you are at customer at Walmart and you were finding it difficult to send money to some one across the globe, know that it is possible. Just go  to any store and make your request.

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Final Thought On Walmart

Walmart is both a Cash and a Cashless retailer which provides customers with a variety of products  ranging from minor to mega items. It operates so many supermarkets, groceries stores, fashion stores and others in the U.S.A, Canada, South Africa Mexico India, etc.

At Walmart, You make shopping both In-stores and online using a credit or debit card, a gift card to pay, or pay using physical cash.

Walmart Pay is also a touch free payment retailer. This means that you don't need to press any buttons but simply using your QR code.