What Is Walmart Pay [How To Use It]

what is walmart pay?

Many businesses today are trying to resolved the burden of carrying physical cash around in order to make payments on purchases. It is for the reason that they turn to create applications that enable their customers  to make payments on purchases online and also in stores. 

Customers who want to shop online or in-person can easily used these platforms in order to gain time and flexibility. Many of this apps like SHEIN, and Walmart  are examples of businesses that accept digital payments and also in return give bonuses to clients on purchased items.

Digital wallets like Walmart Pay, which is part of the Walmart app, allow you to link up your Card details and by so doing, you can simply pay for any purchases make at Walmart stores by simply clicking. No need carrying cash or cards around but just a phone with your Walmart Pay app.

If you want to used Walmart Pay but don't know how it works or want to purchases at a Walmart store but wondering if you can use the Walmart pay app to make payments at Walmart, then this article is here to guide you.

What Is Walmart Pay?

When you hear of digital wallet, like PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Google Pay etc, you will also think of Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay is a digital wallet that enable customers to make purchases at Walmart stores Only, unlike Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal which can be used on various retailers and stores. This app is available on Google play store , Apple store and also on Walmart.com.

After you download the Walmart Pay, you can used it to linked up your Credit card, Debit card or even a Walmart gift card details. 

It is important to note that Walmart Pay is a component of the Walmart mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

You can link up cards like; Visa, MasterCard, Gift Cards, American Express, eGift card, Prepaid Cards and Discover credit cards to Walmart Pay.\

How to Download, Install and Set-Up Walmart Pay app

As said earlier, you can download the Walmart Pay on Google Play store or Apple store. To do so, you need to open Google play store for example and search for Walmart Pay app for android and then tap to search. Different apps will be display for you to make a selection. Select Walmart Pay app, and tap on the option "Install". The app will be downloaded and installed instantly.

If you are wondering how to set up Walmart Pay to be used at Walmart, this article will give you a guide as you will see below;

Before you can use the Walmart Pay app to make any payments at Walmart, you need to:

  1.  Download and install the Walmart app. After which you tap on app icon on your home screen to open the app menu.
  2. On the app menu, select 'Services' and on the pop-up screen, select 'Walmart Pay'.
  3. At this point, follow the prompt instructions to 'Get Started'.
  4. Next step will be requesting you to create a Walmart.com account or if you already have, just log in to the account. See how to create a Walmart.com account. For better understanding, you can watch an explicit video by clicking Here---.
  5. Add your preferable payment method. You can choose to link your debit card, credit card or gift card details ( Expired date, Card Number  or scan card bar code).
  6. Create your PIN when prompt or if your phone support fingerprint technology, you can use it for security reasons. 
  7. At this stage, wait for set up process to be confirmed and then tap 'Got It'. 

After completing the steps above, your Walmart pay is ready for used. This means that you can now shop at Walmart stores and pay through Walmart Pay, leaving cards and money at home without any problems.

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How  Does Walmart Pay Work?

After setting up your Walmart Pay account, you can make payments at any Walmart Store after shopping.

When you shop at Walmart, all selected items will be scanned to determine their prices. Thereafter, tell the Cashier that you are using Walmart Pay as a payment method at Walmart (What Is Walmart And Which Payment Methods Are Acceptable At Walmart?) or select the option Using self-checkout

The system will generate a QR code and display it on the  bar code reader or the self-checkout screen. Now open your Walmart Pay app and enter your PIN code grant access in.

Walmart Pay will request you to allow the use of your phone camera, tap Allow and then hold your phone over the QR code generate to scan it.

After scanning the QR code, the Cashier or the automated register will process the payment and the sum deducted from your linked card. When this is complete, a digital receipt will be send to your phone carrying all the details of the transactions.

Please click this link to watch a video on how to make payments at Walmart using Walmart Pay.

Can I Use Walmart Pay To Shop At Walmart Online?

No, you can not use Walmart pay to shop online at Walmart. Walmart Pay is touch-free app design to facilitate transactions between the cashier and you the customer at Walmart. It function by Scanning a QR code generated by the card reader as seen above. It also allows users to store their card information in it.

This means that you can not make Payments through Walmart Pay Without you scanning the generated QR code  and for this reason, online payment is not allow but in-store payments.

To make online payments at Walmart, you will need the Walmart Mobile app.

What is the Difference Between Walmart Pay And Walmart Mobile app?

It is easy to mix up Walmart Pay and Walmart mobile app, especially since Walmart pay is integrated in to Walmart app experience. 

The primary distinction  is that Walmart Pay is  a mobile wallet that stores  your payment methods, whereas Walmart mobile app may be used to shop at at Walmart online.

If you plan to shop many thing at Walmart, you can do this online using Walmart app. You can also use the Walmart App to order for Groceries for pick-up or delivery, as well as purchase household items and basics. You will then used the Walmart mobile app to pay for your virtual items.

Can I Split Payment At Walmart?

Yes, Walmart gives you the ability to split payment. For example, if you shop at Walmart using Walmart Pay as a payment method, and later you realized that your Walmart Pay ( storage card) has insufficient funds, you can simply led the cashier (self checkout) to know that you will be splitting payments using your Walmart Pay and a Credit, Debit, Gift or Electronic benefit Transfer (EBT). 

In this case, goods you purchased will be calculated and  at Self checkout, the payment will be shared amongst the payment methods you have chosen.

You can also share payments with other wallets like PayPal and Affirm since these are acceptable payment methods at Walmart.

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Can I Purchase A Gift Using Another Gift Card?

No, You can not used a gift card to purchase another one. Walmart Gift is you to Shop at Walmart or to transfer money to someone without a bank account.

The prices of a gift card varies depending on it credit value. You can get a Walmart credit card at Walmart store in the US, etc.

What is The Price for A Walmart Gift Card?

Walmart gift cards have a prizes ranging from $5 to $500, depending on the credit value it has. You can purchase them online through the Walmart mobile app or at Walmart stores.

Final Thoughts About Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is a touch free payment option used at Walmart stores only. This means that you can't used it to make purchases at any other store apart from Walmart.

Walmart Pay is part of the Walmart app and it is seen as a storage wallet for your linked Card details.

To Used the Walmart Pay App at self checkout, the cashier will scan all items purchases using a code reader machine will will automatically sum up the cost price of your purchased items and generate a barcode on it screen after the cashier selects Walmart Pay as a payment option. 

This will request you to open up your Walmart pay by tapping on it icon on your phone and opening it by entering your PIN code.

Walmart Pay will then use your phone camera to scan the generated code on the screen of the barcode reader machine and then a transfer will be made. A message will pop-up on your phone screen with all transaction details. Thanks to an advancement in technology.