Walmart Pick Up And Delivery [All You Need To Know]

walmart pick up and delivery

Online shopping is no longer a strange thing. Since the out break of the Corona virus pandemic, many businesses have move to dealing on an online base platform. This means that their customers can make purchases online through their websites or mobile applications directly and the purchased products delivered to their location of order.

Walmart an American family business retailer is not exempted. You can shop at Walmart online using their mobile app and wait for your email notification to either go for pick-up or give your home location for delivery.

If you are wondering how to shop at Walmart online through their mobile app, then this article is for you.

How Can I Shop At Walmart Online Via The Walmart Mobile App?

Mobile apps are created and linked to a business website to enable customers have access to the business on an online base platform.

Majority of business that function on an online base platform are said to experience rapid growth and expansion. This due to the fact that our world is changing in to a digital era, where people prefer dealings, shopping or selling online.

Many digital payments methods have been created such as Cards (credit and debit cards), Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, Paytm, Google Pay etc. These makes it possible to shop and pay online without any difficulties.

Business like SHEIN, TeMu, Walmart, Alibaba, Amazon are very popular today because they function on an online base, through their mobile app and website. So as an individual who has plans of growing a business, think of building a website for your business and products.

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Walmart mobile app allows you to shop at any Walmart stores across the globe online and pay through any of its acceptable payment options and then request for either a pick up or a delivery service.

You can download the Walmart mobile app on Google play store or Apple store. After downloading, you then create your account using, your Email address, a phone number, and alongside a created password.

The good thing about the Walmart app is that it gives you a step by step guide on how to used the app. All you need to do is to follow all instructions careful by reading and then understanding in details before proceeding.

Shopping at Walmart online is similar to SHEIN online shopping as all have similar procedures. Selected items are placed inside the Cart. After checking out,  proceeding payments are made through any of the methods that is acceptable.

How can I Shop At Walmart Online for Pick up using the Walmart mobile app?

In case you are very busy and think that it will be late for you before arriving a Walmart store, you can simply placed your orders online through the Walmart mobile app and go for pick up at the requested time.

Go to the Walmart app in your phone and select the items you want to shop for pick-up from the list of categories, making sure to include your preferred Walmart store. All selected items will be saved inside the cart after you tap Add to Cart. You can shop items like groceries, house equipment, drugs, babe's needs, Dresses and many others at Walmart.

When you have finish shopping, tap on the Cart icon on your app home screen. Here, all the items you have selected will be inclusive. You can choose to make a cancelation of any. Review all items and then tap Check out.

At check out, you will need to select a pick up time. it is advisable to placed your orders before 2pm so that all items are put together and arrange for you before you arrived the Walmart store. And also base on what you order, it might not be possible to pick-up the same day.

Now you need to make payments for the items you ordered. Walmart accepts different methods of payments such as PayPal, and others. See article below.

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When all the above is complete Walmart will send you and email which include your payment receipt. But you will have to wait for a second email which indicates that your items are ready for pick up. Until that happens, do not go for pick up.

At pick up, Walmart workers will arranges your items and load them to your car.

In case you miss your pick-up, Walmart gives you the opportunity to pick-up seven days after the scheduled time and after which your order will be cancelled and you will get a refund. 

How can I Shop At Walmart Online for Deliveries using the Walmart mobile app?

At Walmart, customer's satisfaction is a priority. After selecting all desired items from the sections you want such as groceries, electronics, Fashion and others, tap add to Cart.  Now, go to cart in the pick-up and deliveries section of the Walmart mobile app. 

Tap the check out option and select Deliveries. In case you have a promo code at Walmart you can also include it at check out to have a discount on items ordered.

In the delivery section, tap on Check eligibility and enter your location and Zip code to see if you are eligible for the service before proceeding.

Detail information about your location and identity is needed. This include; your Country, city, First and last name, phone number, post code, street, House( building) number, Floor, door number.

At deliveries, you can choose either Express or standard delivery when you are asked to choose a time slot.

By choosing express delivery at Walmart, you can get your items delivered to your doorsteps within 2hours or less if your location is not too far from the Walmart store your are ordering from. But its expensive compare to standard delivery.

For Standard deliveries, there are two types; a day delivery which takes between 2-10 hours and a next day delivery.

Select a payment method and make your payments. Your deliveries will be delivered to you door steps.

Note that, the above implies to people not living very far from the Walmart store where shopping in made. You can also shop at Walmart online for shipping.

Can I Cancer a Pick-Up or Delivery at Walmart Online using the Walmart mobile App?

If in case you later change your mind about an order you made either during pick up or delivery, Walmart gives you an opportunity to make a cancellation, following the steps below.

  1. log in to you Walmart  mobile app by tapping on the app icon on your phone. Or  Log in to your account with your email and password.
  2. Once you have log in to your account, tap on Purchase history. This will enable you to see a record of all your past orders.
  3. Once you are in the Purchase page, search and selected the order you want to cancel by tapping on it.
  4. Tap on Request Cancellation from the scroll down page. Once you scroll down and you don't see the Request cancellation option, it simply means that your ordered items have sub-pass the cancellation time and cancellation is no longer valid for the items.
  5. If you have to do a cancellation, do it in lass than an hour after placing an order at Walmart, since the retailer allows for cancellation only 30 minutes after.
  6. If you succeed in making a cancellation, Walmart will return your cash, although some charges may be deducted.

How Much Fees Does Walmart Charges for Delivery Services?

Firstly, you have to check for eligibility and see that you are eligible, Walmart will charge you a delivery fees depending on the method you have chosen. Walmart gives a lot of bonuses to her regular customers either by them earning points or having a promo code. This included in the general payment. See details below.

  1. If you  are not a Walmart plus member, your delivery fees can range between $7.95-$9.95.
  2. If you are a Walmart plus member and spend up to $35 on shopping, you will not pay. But if you shop below $35, you will pay a minimum delivery fees of $5.99.
  3. Express delivery may incur an additional $10 charge fees in case if it is same day delivery.

Can I Check-In to Shop for Pickup Without the Walmart App?

Yes, you can shop at Walmart stores for pickup even without Walmart mobile app. To do, you have to open your web browser and search

Check in to Walmart and select what you want to purchase. After then, call the customer service and inform them on the items you want to purchase for pickup service and if these items are available, you will be notified.

However, before going, for pickup, indicate at Walmart that your are coming so that your items with be arranged by the time you arrived. Walmart accepts physical cash. So you can make payments upon arrival.

Can I Return A Walmart Order After I Have Received it?

If  you could cancel an order at Walmart before delivery or within the cancellation period (within 30minutes after), and the items finally reach you, don't worry, so long as they are not perishable goods. Walmart has a return policy of 90 days. This is enough time for you to prepare and make the return. 

Items to be return most be maintained in good shape and proper hygienic conditions in order to maintain their value.

Follows these steps below to returns items to Walmart store after delivery.

  1. Open your account in the Walmart app or website
  2. At the purchase history page, select the items that you want to return to Walmart
  3. Tap on the return option and give a brief explanation on your reason for returning the items.
  4. Tap on Return to Store option
  5. Wait for the return barcode
  6. Review the return refund summary.
  7. In case here you can go to the Walmart store, go to the customer service desk and explain your reason for coming, bringing alongside your confirmation email and the items for return.

In a section where you can make it to a store,

  1. Select Return by Mail from 3 above.
  2. You will receive a return label for you print. Package the item with the original packaging and the attacked the printed label on it.
  3. Drop the package item(s) at a FedEx or USP location.

What is Walmart Plus Membership?

Walmart plus membership is a paid shopping subscription that enable free deliveries to members at an annual cost of $98 or $13 monthly. Members who scribe to this service enjoy a lot of advantages at Walmart compare to non members.

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Final Thoughts

Walmart is a retailer that accepts both in-store shopping and online shopping. You can shop online and choose a pick-up service or delivery service base on your location.

Walmart offer a verity of  products at affordable prices. Just go to Google play store  and download the Walmart mobile app and then use it to create your account. This will enable you to shop at Walmart online. For more details, fill free to visit Walmart customer service.