How To Withdraw Money From My Cash App Card At Walmart

how to withdraw money from my cash app card at walmart

Walmart is a multinational retail business cooperation, owned by American business men: Sam Walton and James Walton. It operates a chain of supermarkets, Grocery stores, fashion stores and others in over 25 countries across the world, operating under different trade names. Walmart is a reliable retailer where you can carry out money transactions. 

At Walmart, you can send money  to someone without a bank account. Walmart also accepts transfers to other platforms like Western Union, wise, Express Union and Cash App.

This business has been existing since 1992 in the United States of America and in the year 2023, Walmart has established stores in countries like Canada, South Africa, India , Chile, and UK.

In terms of employment, Walmart is one of the largest private employer with 2.3million employees. It headquarter is found at Bentonville, Arkansas in U.S.A. Walmart is a true example of a family business owned by the Walton's family.

At Walmart stores, you can add money to your cash Card as well as you can also deduct money from your Cash card.

In This article, we will be guiding you on how to get money off a Cash Card at Walmart through ATM and Through the Retailer or Cashier and also the withdrawal limits and cost for withdrawal using cash card.

Can I Withdraw Money from my Cash App Card At Walmart?

Yes, you can withdraw money off a Cash app Card at Walmart. Walmart retailer that accepts Visa card payments both in stores and online. The Cash Card is a Debit Visa Card, meaning that you can use it for transactions at Walmart.

A Cash Card is linked to Cash App and is also provided by Cash App to facilitated money transactions. This is because Cash App functions the same as your traditional bank account.

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The easiest way to get money off at Cash app card is by Shopping at any nearby Walmart store or shopping at Walmart online store.

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Simply go to any Walmart store with your Cash Card and Select all items that you want to buy into the cart. At Check out, choose the Cash Card as a payment option.

Some items that you can purchased at Walmart include: groceries, furniture, electronics, Fashion wares, Drugs and many others.

At check out, the cashier or the retailer will scan every chosen items and the price determined. It could either be a generated barcode if the barcode reader is used or as figures.

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Now, select a method of payment. In this case, choose a Cash Card as the payment option and click "Yes". This implies to shopping online through Walmart app or website.

Enter the amount requested for the purchased items so that the money can be deducted from your cash card and Confirm by entering your Cash Card Pin.

For in-store payment, the retailer machine will asks you to insert your Cash card and follow all detail steps provided or scan your card against a generated barcode on the reader as seen in the article above.

This is quit simple although it might look complicated. If you are not sure of anything, always contact Walmart customer services provider

After payment is complete, a receipt will be issued to you to guarantee your payment for items. Do not go without collecting your receipt because you will not be permitted to go out of the door by security men with the items and you might be accused of thief.

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To check your Cash app, balance, sign in to your cash app by entering your password, after tapping open the cash app.

On the app menu, locate the "$" sign on the top right hand side of the menu screen and then tap on Cash app balance. Your new balance will be display.

How To Withdraw Money From Cash App At Walmart ATM [Using Cash Card]

ATM stands for Automated Taller Machine. This machine accepts withdrawal from different types  card such as; Visa types, American Express, Discover, MasterCard types and others.

Every ATM machine is design to take particular types of cards. So when you visit any ATM, always check to see that your card is an acceptable card types.

But at Walmart, you can withdraw money from your Cash App card at their ATM. This is because the Cash App debit card is a visa card type and the Walmart ATM accepts Visa cards.

The Cash Card is link to your Cash App balance, meaning that you can withdraw money directly from your Cash App using the Card.

To withdraw money from your Cash app Card at Walmart ATM, follow steps below;

  1. Go to a Walmart store that has the ATM.
  2. At the ATM, insert your Cash App Card in space provided.
  3. Select your preferred language.
  4. Next, enter your Cash Card Pin code, ( usually a 4-digit code).
  5. Choose the type of service that you want. In this case, select withdrawal.
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to Cash out from your Cash App balance.
  7. Confirm by tapping Cash out and then wait to collect your money.

After withdrawal, do not forget to closed and removed your Cash Card from the Walmart ATM. You will also be subjected to a withdrawal charge fee.

After withdrawal, your can then decide if you want to shop at Walmart or not.

What Is The Cost of A Cash Card withdrawal At ATM?

You can withdrawal money from Cash App using the Cash Card and this can cost you a fee of $2.

What are the withdrawal limits on a Cash Card at ATM?

The Withdrawal limit on Cash app using the Cash app Card is $1,000.00 per transaction, per day and per week. As a Cash app user, you can not exceed this limit using Card.


Conclusively, you can get money off a cash app card at Walmart either by using their ATM service for physical cash, or Shop in stores or online and then at check out, you make payments by entering Cash Card Pin Code or Scanning an generated barcode against your Cash App visa debit card.

Also, Walmart is a multinational retail business cooperation, owned by American business men: Sam Walton and James Walton. It operates a chain of supermarkets, Grocery stores, fashion stores and others in over 25 countries across the world, operating under different trade names.

Walmart is a reliable retailer where you can carry out money transactions, just as we see above.