SHEIN Gift Card [Where To Buy]

shein gift card where to buy

SHEIN is a fashion retailer that function mostly on an online  market place, although offline shopping is also available.

Shein is specialize mostly in women fashion, offering products at very affordable cost. Aside, women's items, SHEIN also offer items for children, men and some household items.

Shein business model is to produce in large quantities and sell at cheaper prices. Knowing the best fashion brands to engage in at Shein can prevent you from low quality goods, early deposal of the item(s) or excess expenditures.

SHEIN is a fashion brand with headquarters in Singapore and U.S. It accepts a number of payment options such as PayPal, Klarna, Credit and Debit card payments. Shein also accepts some gift cards from various agents.

In this article, you will be guided about shein gift card, shein coupon and also find out if Shein accept Visa gift cards.

SHEIN Gift Cards

A SHEIN gift card is a prepaid voucher that can be used to purchase items on the SHEIN website or in some SHEIN pop-up stores. Think of it like a store credit that lets the recipient choose clothes, accessories, home goods, and more from SHEIN's vast selection.

SHEIN gift cards can be a great way to surprise and delight your friends and family. Here is what you need to know about SHEIN gift cards:

Types of SHEIN gift cards:

There are two types of  Shein gift cards:

  • E-gift cards: These are digital gift cards that are delivered directly to the recipient's email address. They're the fastest and most convenient option, and they come in a variety of fun designs and denominations.
  • Physical gift cards: These are traditional plastic gift cards that can be purchased at select retailers. They make a nice tangible gift, but they take longer to receive than e-gift cards.

Where Can I Buy a SHEIN Gift Card?

A shein gift can be bought through shein website or in stores:

  • SHEIN website: You can purchase e-gift cards directly from the SHEIN website in a variety of denominations. They also offer occasional discounts on gift cards, so be sure to check before you buy.
  • Select retailers: Some big-box retailers and grocery stores also sell SHEIN gift cards. This can be a convenient option if you need a physical gift card in a hurry. For example, some international retailers like Amazon and Walmart may sell Shein gift cards.

How to use SHEIN gift cards:

Using a SHEIN gift card is a good option. Here's how to do it online and in-store:

1. Online:

  • Log in to the SHEIN website or app: Make sure you're logged in to your account if you have one.
  • Browse and add items to your cart: You can shop for anything on the SHEIN website, except for marketplace items.
  • Proceed to checkout: Once you're happy with your selections, click on the "Checkout" button.
  • Select "Add Gift Card" or "Payment Method." This will depend on whether you're using the website or app.
  • Enter your gift card code and PIN: You can find this information on the physical card or in the email if you received an e-gift card.
  • Click "Apply": The gift card balance will be applied to your order total.
  • Complete your purchase: Choose your shipping method and enter any additional payment information if needed. Then, click "Place Order."

2. In-Store:

  • Find a SHEIN pop-up store that accepts gift cards. Not all SHEIN stores accept gift cards, so it's best to check before you go. You can find a list of stores on the SHEIN website.
  • Shop for your items. Once you've found what you want, take them to the counter.
  • Tell the cashier you'd like to use a gift card. They will scan the barcode on your physical card or enter the code from your e-gift card.
  • Complete your purchase. Pay any remaining balance with another payment method if needed.

Note that:

  1. SHEIN gift cards will expire one year after the date of purchase.
  2. You can check the balance of a SHEIN gift card online or by calling customer service.
  3. Lost or stolen gift cards cannot be replaced.
  4. SHEIN gift cards can only be used to purchase items sold by SHEIN, not by third-party sellers.

SHEIN Gift Card In Store

Currently, SHEIN gift cards cannot be used directly in their physical stores (not all shein stores accepts gift card). They are only valid for online purchases on the SHEIN website or app. While this might be disappointing, there are still a few options you can consider depending on your situation:

1. Use your SHEIN gift card online:

This is the simplest and most straightforward option. Log in to the SHEIN website or app and make your purchases using the gift card code. Choose a variety of trendy and affordable fashion items, ranging from clothes and accessories to homeware and beauty products.

If you already have items in your cart, the gift card amount can be applied during checkout.

2. Exchange the gift card for cash:

While SHEIN doesn't have an official policy for exchanging gift cards for cash, there are online platforms that specialize in buying and selling unwanted gift cards. These platforms typically charge a fee, so be sure to compare rates before proceeding.

Remember to exercise caution when using these platforms and research their reputation thoroughly.

3. Sell the gift card to a friend or family member:

If you know someone who enjoys shopping at SHEIN, you could offer to sell them the gift card at a discounted price. This way, you get some money back and your friend gets a shopping spree.

4. Contact SHEIN customer service:

If you're set on using the gift card in-store, you can try contacting SHEIN customer service to inquire about any potential exceptions or future plans for in-store redemption. While unlikely, they might have some helpful information.

Does SHEIN Accept Visa Gift Cards?

Yes, SHEIN accepts Visa gift cards as a payment method for online purchases on their website and their mobile app. They can be used to purchase a wide range of stylish and economical fashion items, including clothing, accessories, homeware, and beauty goods.

Here's what you need to know when using Visa gift cards on SHEIN:

  • Make sure your gift card is active and has sufficient funds to cover the entire purchase amount. SHEIN doesn't allow partial payments with gift cards.
  • Check the expiration date and balance of your gift card before making a purchase. Some gift cards may have fees or restrictions that can impact their value.
  • Be aware that some Visa gift cards may not be accepted for international transactions or online purchases, depending on the specific terms and conditions of the card issuer.

How to use your Visa gift card on SHEIN:

Shein accepts a wide range of Visa gift cards for online purchases, as long as they meet the above criteria

  1. Add the items you want to purchase to your cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout.
  3. Select "Credit/Debit Card" as your payment method.
  4. Choose "Add a new card."
  5. Enter your Visa gift card information, including the card number, expiration date, and CVV code.
  6. Click "Add Card."
  7. Complete your purchase.

If you're having trouble using your gift card, contact SHEIN customer service for help. Also, keep your gift card information safe and secure. Don't share it with anyone else.

Examples of Visa gift cards accepted by SHEIN:

Here are some of the most popular Visa gift cards that Shein accepts:

  1. Vanilla Visa Gift Cards: These are widely available at grocery stores, drugstores, and convenience stores in the US. They come in a variety of denominations and can be used for online purchases.
  2. Visa Gift Cards by Mastercard: These cards are similar to Vanilla Visa gift cards and can be used for online purchases. They are available at Mastercard partner banks and retailers.
  3. OneVanilla Visa Gift Cards: These cards are another popular option and can be used for online purchases. They are available at Walmart and other retailers.
  4. Netspend Visa Prepaid Cards: These cards can be used for online purchases and also work like debit cards for ATM withdrawals and in-store purchases. They are available at various retailers and can be reloaded.

In addition to the above, Shein also accepts most other major Visa gift cards, including:

  • Bank-issued Visa gift cards: Many banks offer Visa gift cards that can be used for online purchases.
  • Gift cards from other retailers: Many retailers, such as grocery stores and department stores, offer Visa gift cards that can be used at Shein.

SHEIN Coupon Code

A SHEIN coupon code is a special combination of letters and numbers that you can enter during checkout to get a discount on your order. It's like a digital voucher that unlocks savings.

Some Ways To Find a Latest SHEIN Coupon Codes

Here are some ways to find the latest SHEIN coupon codes to save on your next shopping spree:

1. Check SHEIN's website and mobile app for the following:

  • Banners and pop-ups: Look for interesting banners and pop-ups advertising current promotions and coupon codes. They often appear on the homepage, category pages, or during checkout.
  • Coupon code field: Before completing your order, look for a dedicated coupon code box in the cart or checkout section. Enter the code and apply the discount.

2. Sign up for SHEIN's newsletter:

Subscribe to shein email list on their website or app to receive exclusive offers, including coupon codes, directly in your inbox.

3. Follow SHEIN on social media:

Follow shein on their social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where they often share limited-time coupon codes and deals.

4. Use coupon code websites and apps:

Visit popular coupon sites or apps like RetailMeNot, Groupon, or to find SHEIN coupon codes that have been verified and tested by other shoppers.

5. Check deal forums and communities:

Engage with online communities or forums dedicated to fashion deals and discounts, where members often share tips and working coupon codes.

Types Of SHEIN Coupon Code

Coupon codes often have expiration dates and restrictions, so check the terms before using them. Below are some types of coupon code offer by shein:

  1. Percentage discounts: These codes offer a certain percentage off your entire order, like "SAVE15" for 15% off.
  2. Fixed amount discounts: These codes subtract a specific dollar amount from your order, like "$5OFF" for $5 off.
  3. Free shipping codes: These codes waive shipping fees, saving you money on delivery.
  4. Category-specific codes: These codes apply only to certain items or categories, like "DRESSES20" for 20% off dresses.

How To Use A SHEIN Coupon Code

  • Find a valid coupon code on SHEIN's website, app, social media, newsletter, or coupon-sharing sites, as seen above.
  • Add items to your cart: Log in to shein mobile app or website and select the clothing, accessories, or home goods you want to purchase.
  • Proceed to checkout: When you're ready to buy, go to the checkout page.
  • Enter the coupon code: Look for the "Coupon code" or "Promo code" field and type in the code you found.
  • Apply the discount: Click "Apply" or "Redeem" to activate the coupon and see the reduced price.
  • Complete your purchase: Review your order details, make payment, and enjoy your discounted SHEIN items.

Note That: You can usually only use one coupon code per order. Also, Codes may not be valid on sale items or new arrivals.

Conclusion on Shein Gift Card And Coupon Code

A SHEIN gift card is a prepaid voucher that can be used to purchase items on the SHEIN website or in some SHEIN pop-up stores. On the other hand, a SHEIN coupon code is a special combination of letters and numbers that you can enter during checkout to get a discount on your order.

Shein offer e-gift cards to be used online and physical gift cards to be use in shein stores that accept gift cards. Shein also accepts visa gift cards like: Vanilla Visa Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards from MasterCard banks, Netspend visa Prepaid cards and few others which have been explained above.

Shein also offer coupon codes for free shipping or discounts which are applied during checkout on the shein website or mobile app. See more details above.